Seabiscuit Horse Actor Popcorn Deelites Dies at 24

Sad news came in as one of the stars of Sea cookie died. Popcorn Deelites, a 24-year-old horse who appeared in several key scenes in 2003 Sea cookie, apparently died of complications from colic, which refers to abdominal pain in horses. The animal actor’s death was confirmed by Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky, where the horse has lived since 2005.

“We are very sad to report this. Sea cookie Movie star POPCORN DEELITES (24) died this morning, “reads the Old Friends Farm tweet.” A 17-year-old resident, his road mate for all those years, Special Ring, was crushed, just like us. Pops will always remain a shining star in our hearts. ”


“Pop’s Hollywood history has obviously made him a huge fan favorite,” said Michael Blowen, founder and president of the nonprofit. “But what really won people over was his warm personality and friendly attitude. Fans adored him and he adored the fans.”

Per People, Blowen added: “[Popcorn Deelites] will be greatly missed here on the farm, but I’m sure his old pal and road mate, Special Ring, will miss him the most. ”

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Seabiscuit was a hit film nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture

Sea cookie
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Written and directed by Gary Ross, Sea cookie was based on the 1999 book Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand. The story was inspired by the career of a thoroughbred racehorse named Seabiscuit whose successes made him extremely popular in the United States during the Great Depression. The 2003 film also features a strong cast that includes Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges, Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Banks and William H. Macy.

Get very strong reviews, Sea cookie was a pretty big hit which was also a hit at the box office. It was up for several awards at the 76th Oscars, which include nominations for Best Picture, Best Writing (Custom Screenplay) and Best Cinematography. Legendary critic Roger Ebert loved the film and gave it 3.5 out of 4 stars, referring to the horse racing as “exciting” in his review.

“Well, first of all, I loved the screenplay,” Tobey Maguire said of why he joined the project, per IGN. “I thought Gary Ross did a fantastic job of adapting it. I read the book before I read the script and I loved the story …. And Gary, I thought, with the kind documentary historical device to show and have the photos [David] McCullough (National Historian and Narrator on Sea cookie) do a little narration, I thought it was a brilliant way to set the period … And how it connects to the characters’ own personal situations in their lives was so awesome. “

Rest in peace, Popcorn Deelites. If you want to visit again Sea cookie and capture Popcorn Deelites as the title horse in the movie, you can find the movie streaming on Peacock.

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