5 Predictions for Cobra Kai Season 5

Cobra Kai season 4 has been out for about a month now. With how the season ended, and with everything we know about season 5, it’s certain that the upcoming season will set viewers on a fun path filled with several possibilities. Exploring possibilities for the show’s next season is, after all, half the fun when the previous season wraps. The possible arcs, the fights, the team-ups — everything that season 5 could bring the audience certainly seems limitless, but with information from previous seasons as well as drawing from the most recent season, there are a few things that seem more likely to happen than others. Some will undoubtedly be common sense for the most part, and some may seem improbable, but here are 5 predictions for the upcoming season.

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5 Tory and Robby Will Leave Cobra Kai


The seeds for this prediction have already been planted in season 4. Towards the end of the season, both Robby and Tory made huge steps towards removing some of the brainwashing done to them by Cobra Kai. For Tory, it was mainly about being able to channel her anger into something to make her stronger, and Cobra Kai was able to easily help her with that. Her common ground with Amanda LaRusso was able to ease her anger towards Samantha and in the closing moments of the season, we see hope that the show’s best rivalry will be ending shortly.

However, Robby is a different story. His motivation has been anger towards Daniel for the role he played in putting him in prison, but mainly a vendetta against his father, Johnny. Once again, in the closing moments we see Daniel seemingly able to break through to Robby, and we also see Robby show concern for Anthony LaRusso after his run in with Kenny in the locker room at the All-Valley. Both of the heavy hitters seem to be quickly approaching a positive change of heart, which makes you wonder what exactly Terry’s plan will be to once again bolster the forces of Cobra Kai, especially if the face turns happen at the beginning of the season.

4 We Will Know Who Miguel’s Father Is


The identity of Miguel’s father has been a mystery. Despite his identity being hidden, there are some clues about him that have been previously mentioned. His mother told Johnny that Miguel’s father was dangerous and was in to bad things. In the closing moments of season 4, she also lets Johnny know that despite what Miguel thinks, his father knows nothing of his existence. It was previously thought that his father had simply faded out of the picture. Miguel had gone out to try to find his father, a dangerous mission when all the facts are now considered. Johnny was gearing up to find Miguel to bring him back.

Interestingly enough, Terry SIlver makes a phone call to someone he believes can help with Cobra Kai, someone believed to be Mike Barnes. The season will need Johnny and Miguel to progress, so wherever they are going, they will not be there long. It is incredibly possible that Mike Barnes could be the key piece of this puzzle. The call from terry could bring him north of the border which would lead Miguel and Johnny right back into the story and towards one of the final big battles against Cobra Kai.

3 Daniel Versus Terry Silver Will Happen

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When it is revealed that the call Kreese made in season 3’s finale was indeed to Terry Silver, Terry immediately addresses how much of a monster and a bully he was to Daniel in high school. The two eventually meet in the corner market near Cobra Kai and this ignites the hatred from Daniel, while he clearly rubs Terry the wrong way as well. Terry and Daniel both are bringing in back up for season 5, Chozen with Daniel and presumably Mike Barnes for Terry. Kreese will be dealing with some legal issues for at least part of the season which clears the path for a run in of epic proportions between Daniel and Terry, as well as a rematch they both would welcome. Not only is this a prediction for season 5, but it is a necessity. This fight must happen.

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2 Terry Silver Will Meet A Dark End


Compared to what has been seen so far in the world of Cobra Kai, Terry Silver has committed much more heinous acts than Kreese when it comes to impairing the lives of those involved in Cobra Kai vs. Miyagi-Do / Eagle Fan. Assaulting Stingray to have him falsely implicate Kreese, the ambush on Johnny he set up at the behest of no one, undermining Kreese to the detriment of students, the list goes on. Outside the Vietnam era clips from the shows third season, we haven’t really seen anyone killed in the show, that could be fast approaching an end though. Terry started off the franchise as a villain, a damn good one at that. When he comes back into the fold in Cobra Kai he has found peace and success, but the beast is soon awakened. A redemption arc may seem to trivial for Terry, so his end may be a little darker. Death may not necessarily be at his door, but a brutal beat down at the hands of police because perhaps he fights back, when they finally arrest him for beating Stingray. Perhaps something else unforeseen happens, but Terry will likely meet a rather unfortunate end.

1 Hillary Swank Will Be Kenny’s Mom

Hilary Swank
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This one seems out there, but there is some good abstract evidence to support this. Outside the fact that the showrunners have had the conversations for Swank to reprise her role as Julie Pierce, this prediction makes a little more sense in a divorce type situation. Given the demographics involved here, Kenny’s father being African American, it could be the Sean, Kenny’s brother, could actually be his step-brother, both of whom share the same last name. Kenny’s mother is not show in season four, but is mentioned and seems to be a caring mother who is hardworking, so much so that Kenny is left to be bullied at school and join Cobra Kai. SInce it was bullying that drove Kenny to Robby, there is a redemption possibility here — just look at Hawk — and it would take someone who has been there before, a positive influence such as Julie Pierce (in addition to Robby), to help Kenny pull out of the stage he has been driven too at the hands of Anthony LaRusso and his friends.

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