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‘We’re all pretty done here’

Kevin Smith has once again shared a status update on the upcoming Clerks sequel and it looks like he’s almost done with the sequel to the sequel.

Kevin Smith completes Clerks III first track with a new look at Jay & amp;  Silent Bob's return
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith did a great job keeping Clerks fans have updated on the work being done on the third installment of the franchise, and in its latest update it appears that Clerks 3 is almost ready to go and just waiting to be given a release date. Completion of the trilogy that began with Clerks In 1994 and its sequel released in 2006, Smith once again gathered his usual suspects for the trilogy, which he first discussed in 2014. After a long wait, Smith finally revealed in 2021 that the script was ready, and he would be getting cameras rolling with the goal of completing filming later in the year.


In his latest Fatman Podcast episode, Smith revealed that he is now almost ready to announce that all work on the movie has been completed, and he has only the last reel to look forward to, and with just a few more touches, it seems like the hard work is all over has borne fruit for the writer / director. He explained:

“We’re all pretty much done here with Clerks 3 … Today I watched roles 1, 2, 3 and 4. Really great, I had a lot of minimal notes. I’m more of a fan of like, use what’s up cut, since most of my movies are all dialogue, but they sound like some clever things designed in it.The character Randal had a heart attack in the movie and they did some cute things with the heart attack moment, sound wise what I was like ‘oh, fucking right on.’ And we’re watching role 5 tomorrow. They wanted a little more time to do role 5. So tomorrow I’m going to watch the DI play. “

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Kevin Smith will deliver everything his fans expect in Clerks 3

Kevin Smith announces Clerks 3 with Jeff Anderson returning

As already noted, through the course of the shooting, Smith added details of the upcoming movie to his social media accounts and the subsequent post-production work he does on the movie. After teasing a number of images and behind-the-scenes clips of a return to the Quick Stop, we know that Smith recreated some scenes from the original Clerks for the movie, as the new film will see Jeff Anderson’s Randal Graves decide he wants to make a movie with Brian O’Halloran’s Dante Hicks, which means you have to go back to some iconic moments from the franchise’s history.

The fact that Smith managed to get the same cast together sixteen years after the team’s last outing, and almost thirty years since the original movie, shows just how loyal they are to helping Smith create his movies. While there is no doubt that Smith’s interconnected universe is not something that everyone has come on board, there are certainly many fans who are now eagerly awaiting a word about when they can expect to see this latest movie arrive on a new solution to the type of comedy presentation that made Smith his brand. With the work almost finished, it’s probably not too long before we finally get that release date in stone, which Smith has hinted will be sometime by the summer.

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