Joseph Morgan and Other New Villains Join Cast of Titans Season 4

Joseph Morgan will join the main cast of Titans during its fourth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He will play Sebastian Blood, which comic book fans may know better than Brother Blood. The character has been described as “an introvert with strong intelligence and with a hidden, darker nature.” Previously the character’s organization, the Church of Blood, appeared on a sign during the season 3 premiere.

In the comics, Brother Blood was a cult leader who possessed vampire-like powers, with the ability to drain the powers belonging to the person whose blood he drank. This talent should strike a chord with anyone familiar with Morgan’s work on The Vampire Diariesand its spin-off, The Originals. Morgan played Klaus Mikaelson, one of the original vampires and the first vampire-werewolf hybrid on those shows.


Titans would not be the first appearance of the character in live-action. Previously, Sebastian Blood appeared as one of the main villains of the second season of Arrow, where Kevin Alejandro played him. Like Morgan, Alejandro previously appeared on a show involving vampires, True Bloodin his case, though Alejandro was a witch instead of a creature of the night.

Other versions of Brother Blood include appearing on the popular Teen Titans animated series. He was voiced by John DiMaggio and replaced Slade (Ron Perlman) as the main villain of the third season. The character also appeared as the main villain in the animated film Teen Titans: The Judas Contractwhere he was voiced by Gregg Henry.

Morgan Won’t Be Alone; Other Villains Are Joining

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Joining Morgan in a starring role is Claws’ Franka Potente, who will be playing May Bennett, aka Mother Mayhem. Her character has been described as “a predator in human form with an unfettered belief in her mission in the world. Mother Mayhem has also previously appeared in Teen Titans: The Judas Contractwhere she was voiced by Meg Foster.

Joining the reoccurring cast is The A List’s Lisa Ambalavanar as Jinx, “a quick-witted criminal loner and a master of dark magic with a joy for manipulating others and creating chaos while doing it.” Jinx is the latest member of the Fearsome Five, called the HIVE Five in Teen Titans, to appear on the show, after Shimmer and Gizmo. Perhaps Titans is getting ready for a live-action adaptation of the team down the line.

Notable Brother Blood, Mother Mayhem, and Jinx are all villains to the titular team in the comics. For anyone who might be going ‘no duh,’ that has not always been the case on the show. The main villains of season 3 were Red Hood (Curran Walters) and Scarecrow (Vincent Kartheiser), both of whom are typically Batman villains. Other villains outside the usual rogues’ gallery of the Titans but who have appeared on the show are Project Cadmus and the Nuclear Family.

Currently, there is no premiere date for Titans season 4 yet. In the meantime, you can catch up on the first three seasons of the show on HBO Max. The information in this article comes courtesy of Screen Rant and Deadline.

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