Tom Holland Goes on Record About Spider-Man 4

On the press tour for Uncharted, Tom Holland goes off the map and talks Spider-Man 4: “There have been conversations.”


It has not been all too long ago when the most hyped movie in 2021 was finally in theaters, and not even a global pandemic could stop the audiences from flocking to see the film once, twice, and even three times. Spider-Man: No Way Home was every bit the movie that Marvel Studios, Sony, and Disney had proclaimed it to be. Everyone’s favorite Wall-Crawler even swung into the sunset with the tune of $ 1.7 billion worldwide to show for the excitement. Some of the biggest news outside the film itself, though, was how quickly Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal sprung the news on the franchise’s fourth installment, saying that there were already plans for a new trilogy. On the media tour for Unchartedwhich stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, Holland weighed in, saying “there have been conversations.”


No one can deny some aspects of the previous Spider-Man franchises produced by Sony fell short in some areas. The first two installments with Tobey Maguire delved into deep storytelling and avid character development, with fun and drama. Spider-Man 3, however, fell short. It received complaints of being too long and on other story aspects but did have a spot-on interpretation of Venom itself. That strong comic parallel was not strong enough to save the film as many consider it the reason the Raimi trilogy fizzled out. The Amazing Spider-Man was different in that Andrew Garfield portrayed a very likable Peter Parker, just some aspects felt off, such as the sprawling mystery of Peter’s parents. Nonetheless, the charm that the charm, humor, and action that has reinvigorated the franchise with Marvel aiding Sony has Tom Holland’s take on Spider-Man swinging out ahead of the other installments and leaving the fans wanting more, and more could be around the corner .

Holland Sets the Record Straight

Tom Holland in Spiderman suit
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In the press tour for Unchartedas mentioned above, Holland went on record with EW. “We’ve had conversations about the potential future of Spider-Man, but at the moment they are conversations, we do not know what the future looks like.” On the face of it, this statement may seem to disagree with Pascal’s comments, but not really if you think about it.

Pascal merely stated that a new trilogy was in the works, nothing more. At this early stage in development and with so many other films primed in production to propel the MCM into Phase 5 and beyond, Holland’s take on “conversations” are likely more than accurate. Holland, who does have a penchant for spoilers, is probably not hiding much here. Regardless, the franchise’s die-hard fans are likely counting the days to an as-yet-unreleased release date, and who can blame them. The first Holland trilogy has been spectacular and alive.

Regardless of what all this means for the future of Spider-Man, Tom Holland has a movie opening up soon. Catch Uncharted. The movie, based on the popular video game series of the name, stars Holland and Mark Wahlberg. After several delays, it is set to open in the UK on February 11th and in the US on February 18th. This news comes to us from Entertainment Weekly.

How Spider-Man 4 Cancellation Paved the Way for Peter Parker's MCU Future
How Spider-Man 4 Cancellation Paved the Way for Peter Parker’s MCU Future

Originally, Sony Pictures intended to release Spider-Man 4 on May 6, 2011, exactly ten years ago.

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