Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Zeus in BMW’s Super Bowl Ad Teaser

The mystery of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Zeus project has been revealed. Recently, the Terminator star took to Twitter to release a mock poster for a Zeus movie with himself in the role of the famous Greek god. Schwarzenegger did not reveal what the project was for, though many had speculated that it could be for a Super Bowl commercial.

Now, BMW USA has unveiled a new video ad introducing Schwarzenegger’s Zeus trying to order a beverage in a coffee shop. The video is a teaser for a Super Bowl ad that the company will be unveiling at the big event on Feb. 13. We’ll have more to see of Schwarzenegger as Zeus, but this new teaser does provide an answer as to what it is exactly what this mystery project really was. You can watch the teaser below.


In the video, the barista just cannot seem to pronounce Zeus’ name correctly, prompting Schwarzenegger to teach him how to say it right. Once he realizes who he’s speaking with, the barista asks if that’s like the “Greek god of lightning,” to which Arnold replies, “It’s exactly like that.” It’s a fun teaser ahead of the Super Bowl ad which will give us more.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Acting Career Is Still Going Strong

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Twitter

Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed up as Zeus has had many fans asking when the King Conan movie will be made. Many of the actor’s fans look back at his films Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer fondly as two of the more memorable films from Scwharzenegger’s earlier years of his career. Decades later, some fans want to see him revisit the series as an older Conan for the long-rumored King Conan movie.

There’s nothing official in the works as far as King Conan goes, but that does not mean Schwarzenegger is not keeping busy. In 2019, he returned to one of his most popular franchises by starring in Terminator: Dark Fate alongside Linda Hamilton. He also voices the lead character in the animated children’s series Superhero Kindergarten which he developed with Stan Lee prior to the Marvel creator’s passing.

Schwarzenegger will also play the President in the upcoming martial arts comedy sequel Kung Fury 2 alongside David Sandberg, Michael Fassbender, Alexandra Shipp, and Ralf Moeller. Sandberg, also the film’s writer / director, spoke about landing Schwarzenegger in the film while speaking with THR.

“So Arnold is such a huge inspiration for me,” Sandberg said. “When I made the short, I had quotes from Arnold, I read his biography, and I listened to his talks. That was just like a thing that kept me motivated. And then my manager mentioned that he’s friends with Arnold’s lawyer. I asked if there was any way to get him to see the short. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, he said he loves it.’ I was like, ‘What !?’ He set up a lunch meeting when I was in LA, and he told me he loved the short because of the over-the-top violence and comedy. So I wrote this part for him and he came on board. Which was just unbelievable. “

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teases Mystery Zeus Project Coming in February

Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a poster of himself as Zeus for something coming in February 2022, but what is it?

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