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Criminal Minds is not ‘dead’, reloading ‘in development’

Fans of criminal hunts before dawn and cyber-detection with a cup of coffee (stirred with one finger, not two) after dark can still return to Quantico as there is an exciting new update on the Criminal mind revival. Created and produced by Jeff Davis, CBS Studios Procedure Series Criminal mind about the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) which was closed in 2020. After a successful 15-year run on the air that caught serial killers and unsuccessful escape from the air catching flack because they were not on the air, the series found new life thanks to an increase in flow numbers from the pandemic era due to fans watching old seasons of the show. According to Nielsen reportsthe quarantine correlated with Criminal mind is the third most-watched program on Netflix, with 35 billion streaming minutes in 2021, leading to an announcement that the crime drama will resume.


In February 2021, Criminal mind has officially received the green light for an anthology of 10 episodes at Paramount +, featuring former showrunner Erica Messer and several of the original cast that would return for the series revival. At the time, Paramount + also ordered a true crime document series, titled The real criminal mind, which was inspired by the show. But six months ago, after confirming that Paramount + had approached former BAU agents to join the possible recharge, supervising special agent Emily Prentiss actress Paget Brewster prepared fans for grief by tweet that the new series is “dead”.

Criminal Minds Is Not Dead

Criminal mind

Even the BAU and its special agents misunderstand it, well, sometimes. Criminal mind will return for ten new crime-solving episodes, despite previous speculation by the series’ alum Brewster that the project is dead. In July, Brewster, who acted as Special Agent Prentiss on and off during the program’s original 15-season run, told a fan on Twitter“Unfortunately we think it’s dead. I’ll let you know if there’s any progress, but it seems unlikely. What a bummer.”

But then something unexpected happened during Paramount +’s Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. And a surprising twist is good if the program the TV manager is talking about is a criminal proceeding, because, let’s be honest, how often does this happen with criminal proceedings? Paramount + network administrators have confirmed that the Criminal mind revival is alive and kicking at the studio. Tanya Gills, Paramount +’s chief programming officer, said:

We are still very much in development about ‘Criminal Minds’. We’ll have more to share soon, but it’s alive and well.

Following the panel, Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount +’s original writing series, spoke Variety specifically about the program’s status. Clemens specifically addressed Brewster’s comments on social media. Yet she could not speculate as to why the actress said the revival was “dead” unless the Community alum just pulled Snuffles’ leg (Brewster is known for her humorous rush at Greendale Community College in addition to her time as a psychopath-capturing agent at Quantico).

When asked about Brewster’s comments on social media, Clemens said Variety:

I can not comment on why Paget said that [it was ‘dead’], but these things ebb and flow. As I mentioned, I came in the summer so it took a second to upload and find out, ‘What are we doing? ‘There is not a hidden monster under the water. It’s just in its process, so it’s in development … We’ve always thought it’s a fantastic idea to have ‘Criminal Minds’ on duty, so that has not changed.

As for the next steps, “We’re still in development, so to come soon will be to close all the deals and get material. So we have time to go,” Clemens said.

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