Revival had to be rewritten in two weeks after Will Smith’s departure

Roland Emmerichthe director behind disaster posts Day after tomorrow, 2012en Godzilla has been in the news for his lately controversial views on franchise films. However, he also tried to create a franchise (albeit unsuccessfully) around a beloved film – 1996s Independence Day. Emmerich co-wrote and directed the first and only sequel to his career, 2016’s Independence Day: Revival. But the film underperformed at the box office and was universally awarded by both critics and audiences. Will Smith’s absence is also one of the factors for Independence Day 2s failure. But that was not originally the case.


Will Smith was initially interested in repeating his role as captain Steven Hiller, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. According to reports, Smith chose Suicide Squad over Independence Day: Revival. While promoting his latest film, Moon attacktalk to Emmerich The Wrap over Independence Day: Revival and the film’s confusing plot. Roland Emmerich hoped Smith would return and said it came as a shock when the Naughty boys star suddenly left the project. “I am proud of Independence Day: Revival, but we had one problem: Will Smith, while preparing, decided to drop out. It was a big, big blow for me, “said Emmerich. He further revealed that the follow-up story of Independence Day had to be rewritten in just two weeks due to financial obligations.

“At that point, I had to decide: should I keep going or not? I realized we spent $ 10 or 12 million and you did not fall out easily. I got two young writers and we locked ourselves in my New York apartment, because one could not leave New York, he had a TV show there.And we wrote a new script within two weeks.We had to.There were daily calls from [Fox president] Emma Watts at that time. “

While Emmerich seems happy with how things turned out, we can only wonder what the film would have looked like without any behind-the-scenes problems. Will Smith was an important part of the original, and his return in Revival would definitely have elevated the film. Emmerich does have plans for a third Independence Day Moviebut they have been discontinued from now on and will probably not include Smith as his character was killed in Revival.

Independence Day, at the time of its release, boasts groundbreaking visual effects and raised more than $ 800 million at the box office (a record at the time). A sequel may have been a no-brainer back then, but it may be too late now. Although it would be nice to see Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum fight aliens again.

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