Taron Egerton’s Best Moments in the Kingsman Franchise

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a breath of fresh air in 2014, bringing together the action-thriller sensibilities of the James Bond franchise with a stylish, modern sense of wit. Clearly, the gentleman spy archetype was and is a fascinating guiding light for action films to take inspiration from. The first film hit enough moments of emotional gravity to give the story some heart while maintaining a lighthearted tone. Kingsman: The Golden Circle took the franchise to the United States, introducing viewers to the Statesmen organization, the American counterpart to the Kingsmen.

Both movies follow the journey of Eggsy Unwin, played by an eager Taron Egerton. There’s something undeniably exciting about his boyish zeal, bolstered by a collection of scenes across both movies that show off some genuine intelligence and grace under pressure. Although his character does not reappear in the 2021 prequel The King’s Man, plans for another film have promised the return of Egerton’s character Eggsy. Here are Taron Egerton’s best moments in the Kingsman franchise.

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7 Refusing to Shoot the Dog

the dog
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After a harrowing set of tests from the Kingsman agency, Eggsy and the other Kingsman candidates are presented with a final challenge: shoot the dog that they so lovingly raised or risk losing out on the chance to become a Kingsman agent. It’s eventually revealed that the gun was loaded with blanks, and the agency had enough of a heart to not impose the murder of innocent animals (though they do condone it, given the nature of the test). In a moment of unwavering empathy, Eggsy refuses to shoot the dog and fails the test. Though the situation is eventually reversed, this moment of despair provides a great twist for the audience and also demonstrates Eggsy’s heart and the value he puts on innocent lives.

6 The Fight With Gazelle

sofia boutella and samuel jackson KINGSMAN THE SECRET SERVICE
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The terse, kinetic final showdown between Eggsy and Gazelle in the first film is one of the franchise’s most indulgent, explosive moments. The scene is intercut with other climactic moments from the final showdown, giving it an electric and dramatic atmosphere. Eggsy’s skills are on full display, and the moment is so effective because it comes as the culmination of Eggsy’s acceptance into the world of Kingsman. And, after watching Gazelle skillfully dispatch a host of other characters, Eggsy’s victory feels all the more euphoric.

5 Switching the Poisoned Brandy

poison brandy
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Not every scene in the franchise succeeds on the strength of well-choreographed action, and this moment is a perfect example. While meeting with the heads of the Kingsman organization, Eggsy notices that Arthur bears the same scar as Valentine’s selected VIPs, marking him as a traitor to the organization. He wisely realizes that the brandy being served is likely poisoned, and switches the glasses in the few heartbeats that Arthur looks away. Egerton’s subtle glances and shifts in the face bring Eggsy’s intelligence to center stage, and Arthur’s death becomes another marker of Eggsy’s success as a new agent.

4 Dealing With Dean

dean scene
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After the first movie wraps up the plot between the agents and the power-hungry Valentine, there’s a scene afterwards that is effectively a victory lap for the film. Returning to his home, Eggsy confronts Dean, his abusive loser of a step-father, and offers his mother a new life using his resources as a Kingsman agent. Dean characteristically tries to beat Eggsy up, much to his delight. The subsequent fight mirrors what Harry once did for Eggsy in the very same pub, making Eggsy’s journey feel full circle.

3 Healing Harry’s Amnesia

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In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it’s revealed that Harry survived what appeared to be a fatal shot in the head in the previous film, but lost his memory as a result. Held in a safe place by Statesmen, Eggsy is told that only a traumatic event might jog his memory and bring him back to the person he was. In a moment of true genius, Eggsy introduces Harry to a dog that looks just like the one Harry had to “shoot” for his initiation (again, the gun was loaded with blanks). He threatens to shoot the dog in front of a panicked Harry, who finally regains his memory. Not only has Eggsy come into his own by this point, he’s clever enough to use the past to help secure the hope of the present moment.

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2 Showdown With Charlie

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Between the first and second films, Charlie, one of the Kingsman candidates that fails the exam turns traitorous and becomes an enemy to the Kingsman organization. After Merlin’s supposed death in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Charlie and Eggsy face off in a harrowing battle, pitting their similar skillsets against each other. The scene is beautifully choreographed and delightfully violent, with each punch and kick amounting to a satisfying set piece. Eggsy, knowing he’s outmatched in a physical battle, opts to hack into Charlie’s cybernetic arm and effectively renders him useless. Again, the strength of his mind is what lets Eggsy come out on top, and Taron Egerton’s characteristic smirk makes the moment incredibly satisfying.

1 The Fight With Whiskey

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The final fight scene of the second film contains everything that makes these movies feel so visceral and effective. Agent Whiskey turns traitorous at the last moment, engaging Harry and Eggsy in a fight in which he almost takes the upper hand against the two British agents. The camera spins, zooms, and tracks along with each exchange of blows while an electric guitar can be heard in the background. Whiskey meets a grisly end, thrown into a meat grinder at the culmination of an electrifying five minutes of fighting. It’s a wild and stylish action set piece that gets the blood pumping, proving that these films have a lot to offer in terms of thrilling action.

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