Who is The Book of Boba Fett’s Newest Character, Cad Bane?

Everyone has been asking about Cad Bane ever since The Book of Boba Fett’s newest villain was introduced, so here’s some backstory.

Cad Bane causes trouble for the good guys.
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We do not want to spoil anything for our readers, but let’s just say that the most recent episode of The Book of Boba Fett was packed full of surprises. There was a little something for fans both old and new. For some, all it took was a wide-brimmed hat on the horizon to recognize one of the baddest villains in Star Wars. For others, the appearance of a blue cowboy in the most recent episode raised a lot of questions.

Cad Bane was a very formidable bounty hunter first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He does not have a super connection to the force like Darth Vader, or crazy skills with the lightsaber like Kylo Ren. Instead, Cad Bane is a cold-blooded gunslinger. His in-depth knowledge of his opponents allows him to outmaneuver them, and we have rarely seen him fail a mission. He is probably the most famous character from the Duros speciesalthough creatures like him appear as extras in the background of many Star Wars movies. He should not be confused for a Pyke (who are usually much shorter), but the Pykes must have hired him to bring in some extra muscle. For a long time, Cad Bane was the most infamous bounty hunter in the Galaxy. Here are some things you might want to know about Cad Bane before watching more of (or starting) The Book of Boba Fett.


Infamous Heists

We knew that Bane was a serious threat early on in Star Wars: The Clone Wars when Darth Sidious hired him to steal a holocron from the Jedi Temple. This episode took place at a point in time when the Jedi were still large in number. To break in, Bane not only needed to find a way into the vault, but he also needed to slip past a sea of ​​the galaxy’s best Jedi. Bane’s plan went off without a hitch, and he successfully stole the holocron with both grand master Jedi Yoda and Obi-Wan chasing him.

Cad Bane fights off Obi-Wan Kenobi
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While stealing the holocron from the temple is a crowd-pleaser, it was not Bane’s only great accomplishment. The Hutts hired him for various missions. As the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, he could demand any price for his work. He held the senate hostage to break Ziro the Hutt out of prison. He escaped from prison and got away with murder right under the noses of formidable Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano, cementing his reputation for outsmarting the Jedi.

Specialties and Gear

Aside from his master tactics, Cad Bane was infamous for being a ruthless killer. He had no guilt harming those who got in his way, or taking advantage of those around him. Bane is also a skilled fighter. In The Clone Wars he primarily fought with his LL-30 blaster pistol, a weapon that has obviously played well into the Western-like setting of The Book of Boba Fett.

Other iconic gear that Bane wears includes his wide-brimmed hat and breathing tubes. Breathing tubes are worn by many Star Wars characters to help them breathe in harsh atmospheres (or no atmosphere). Bane’s breathing tubes were specifically designed to counter force-choking. Obviously, they are something that come in handy in his line of work.

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Ties to Fennec Shand

Cad Bane and Fennec Shand Face off for their bounty in The Bad Batch
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Cad Bane appeared opposite of Fennec in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, which focused on a group of mutated clones, each with highly specialized capabilities. Their youngest member, Omega, had yet to reveal her mutation, so the Kaminoans seemed to think she was the key to keeping their cloning contract with the empire. They hired Cad Bane to track her down and return her to the cloning facilities on Kamino. However, one Kaminoan scientist wanted to protect Omega. She secretly hired Fennec Shand to retrieve Omega and keep her safe.

This caused a fantastic battle of wits and strength between Fennec and Bane. Fennec eventually came out on top thanks to her foresight and stealth. This makes her one of the few to ever best Bane. We can be sure that if the two ever go toe-to-toe again, it will not be an easy fight for either one.


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Backstory with Boba Fett

Bane and Boba Fett found themselves in the same prison in season four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Bane intentionally allowed the Republic to capture him, so he could escape with Moralo Eval. Boba Fett, then still a child, had been imprisoned for trying to enact revenge on Mace Windu. Bane hatched a clever escape plan, and as part of it, the young Boba Fett created a diversion.

There was another intended story arc between Bane and Boba Fett that never made it into The Clone Wars. Some sources say that Cad Bane would have mentored Boba Fett, but the two would eventually have a disagreement and duel each other. Canon or not, every story between the two fierce bounty hunters ends in estrangement. Now that Bane is siding with the Pykes, Boba’s newest enemy, we can be sure there will be fireworks If the two meet up again.

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