Moonfall plunges to Earth with just $ 700,000 on opening night while Jackass Forever pulls in $ 1.65 million

It seems somewhat ironic that Roland Emmerich’s disaster email Moon attack seems to be becoming an epic disaster as it could not form an attraction to early audiences. The film opened at about 2,300 locations across the U.S. on Thursday, but only managed to raise $ 700,000, leaving it far behind its attention-seeking rival, Jackass forever, which opened for more than double the revenue at $ 1.65 million. With reviews not friendly towards the latest movie from Independence Day director Emmerich, it looks like the box office figures will definitely go down this weekend.

Only days later Emmerich was quoted as saying by Marvel and Star Wars franchises destroy the industry and making it harder to make successful disaster films, it seems like he could only make an excuse for what was to come. Besides being beaten on the opening night by a movie that is essentially a series of tricks played by a group of teenagers in men’s bodies trying to injure themselves in hilarious and astonishingly stupid ways, Moon attack was also beaten by Jackass team when it comes to the review steps.


Initial responses to Jackass forever saw the film receive a new rating of 89% from critics, which at one point peaked in the mid-90% range, and the film is expected to reach $ 18 million over the weekend, which will be enough to reach the top place in the maps of Spider-Man: No Way Home. When it comes to Moon attack however, it is currently dwindling with an approval rating of 42% and a weekend projection of anything between $ 9 and $ 14 million, which is not what any $ 146 million budget movie wants to see on its opening weekend.

Is Moonfall really that bad, or is Emmerich right about franchise movies killing the industry?


From a general consensus it appears that how many directors Roland Emmerich claims that disaster like Moon attack suffers from the spectacle of Marvel, DC and Star Wars movies, his latest film seems to be just a very bad, clichéd and unoriginal movie. It’s more than a little ironic when you consider that his biggest problem with the big franchises is that they “offer nothing original.” Perhaps it is a case of people in glass houses having to be careful where they play baseball.

Moon attack Reviews do not seem to be above average at best, with the Rotten Tomatoes consensus saying: “Whether Moonfall is so bad, it’s good or just bad, will depend on your tolerance for B-movie cheese – but either way all she, it’s an Emmerich disaster thriller through and through. ” Considering the budget of the movie, both of which compete with those of many Marvel movies and are mega big compared to it Jackass Forever’s pitiful $ 10 million budget, and the star names like Halle Berry, Donald Sutherland and Patrick Wilson attached to it, it’s hard to understand how the film apparently failed with most reviewers, and it looks like audiences.

As the reviews indicate, this is without a doubt an Emmerich movie, and you can watch the movie almost in line next door Independence Day, 2012 and Day after tomorrow, and arrange the cliché story points like a graph of the points on Orion’s belt. Those who like those movies might get a kick out of watching the same plot play out in a different scenario, but for everyone else, it seems that rather than franchise movies that kill disaster movies, the real reason for their death may be ‘ a little closer is home.

Moonfall Trap: Halle Berry Saves Earth in Roland Emmerich's Disaster Epic
Moonfall Trap: Halle Berry Saves Earth in Roland Emmerich’s Disaster Epic

Watch Roland Emmerich swing Halle Berry and her crew to save our world from the collision course with the moon.

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