Ted K trailer introduces Sharlto Copley as the Unabomber

A new trailer has been released for Ted KSuper LTD’s upcoming thriller inspired by the gruesome real crimes of the Unabomber. Directed by Tony Stone, Ted K portrays Sharlto Copley as Ted Kaczynski, the man identified as the infamous criminal. The film also stars Drew Powell, Amber Rose Mason, Travis Bruyer, Megan Folsom, Andrew Senn and Keith Barber. You can watch the trailer below.

The synopsis for Ted K reads: “Deep in the American Rocky Mountains lived a man seeking refuge from modern society. His dark writings warned of a society ruled by technology. As the outside world invaded his mountain sanctuary, he slowly radicalized affected by rage.Which began with petty acts of sabotage, culminating in deadly bombings, national media attention, and the largest search in American history.Actor Sharlto Copley brings a dark intensity and unsettling intimacy to this cold portrait of America’s most notorious and enigmatic terrorist. “


Sharlto Copley is a capable actor and it’s clear from the Ted K trailer he will do a phenomenal job as the Unabomber. He is also known for playing the title character in Chappie; Wikus van der Merwe in District 9; Howling Mad Murdock in the movie reloaded from The A-team; Agent CM Kruger in Elysium; James Corrigan in Europe report; and King Stefan in Maleficent. The actor also starred in the TV series Power.

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The Unabomber’s story inspired other adaptations

Ted K
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The true story of the Unabomber has been told in various mediums and different actors have played Kaczynski in many projects. Franchise star Tobin Bell saw Ted in the television movie Unabomber: The true story which aired in 1996 on USA Network. WandaVision star Paul Bettany later played another incarnation of him in the Discovery Channel mini-series Mensjag: Unabomber in 2017. The R-rated Ted K seems to be the darkest version of the story yet, in part because it follows the path of events from Kaczynski’s point of view.

Classified as a domestic terrorist, it is confirmed that Ted Kaczynski killed at least three people while injuring 23 others in a series of bombings between 1978 and 1995. One reason he was unidentified for years, known only as the Unabomber, was because he lives as a total hermit in a remote cabin with no electricity or running water. He was eventually arrested in 1996 and sentenced to serve eight life sentences in prison without the possibility of parole.

Kaczynski is currently serving his time behind bars where he has been for more than two decades. With his penchant for writing, the former Unabomber allegedly regularly writes thousands of letters to pen pals on the outside, a huge difference from the extremely private life he once lived. The cell in which he sleeps is really not much smaller than the cabin in which he lived as a hermit, and he apparently adapted quite well to life behind bars.

Ted K will be released digitally and in theaters on February 18, 2022.

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