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The Razzie Awards gave Bruce Willis his own category for his 2021 movies

The Razzie Awards 2022 nominations have been announced, and Bruce Willis has so much that he has his own category.

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Every actor in Hollywood would definitely like to have an award category named after them, and only for one year Bruce Willis is given that very honor. However, it may not be exactly one that the The Hard veteran will quickly add to his resume as the category in question is for the worst performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 movie at the 42nd Razzie Awards. With joy mocking the worst movies of the year, The Raids has gone a step further than usual this year to create Willis’ own category for the eight movies he’s released in the past year, all of which are considered worthy of a Golden Raspberry nomination.

In an unprecedented move, the new category specifically set Bruce Willis against Bruce Willis will feature seven movies released in 2021 and one from January 2022 competing to be named the best of the worst of Bruce Willis’ output of the past year . The list of movies consists of Cosmic Sin, Deadlock, Apex, Fortress, Midnight in the Switchgrass, Out of Death, Survive the Gameand this year’s American siege. It seems like the decision was made to give other actors the dubious honor of walking away with an award in the worst actor category without Willis stealing their glory, and that’s just as good as otherwise it would probably be a complete Willis extinction be.


Although Bruce Willis has starred in some of the greatest action movies of all time, it proves that even the most prominent stars can have a day off… or year in this case. While intended to be a one-off category, there is every chance that it could make a comeback next year, as Willis has at least seven more Direct-to-Video movies to appear in the next 12 months, including Fortress 2a sequel to one of this year’s nominated films.

Bruce Willis may have his own Razzie category, but Diana The Musical has the most nominations


When it comes to the Razzie Awards, there are usually a small number of movies that get the bulk of the satirical humiliation when the nominations come in. This year, along with Bruce Willis who was singled out to earn his own category, the films with the most nods are Diana The Musical with nine nominations, Karen and The woman in the window both with five, and Space Jam: A New Legacy with 4. You can check out the entire list of nominations below and look for the “winners” that will be announced on March 26th.


  • Diana the Musical (The Netflix Version)
  • Never ending
  • Karen
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • The woman in the window


  • Scott Eastwood / Dangerous
  • Roe Hartrampf (As Prince Charles) Diana the Musical
  • LeBron James / Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Ben Platt / Dear Evan Hansen
  • Mark Wahlberg / Never ending


  • Amy Adams / The woman in the window
  • Jeanna de Waal / Diana the Musical
  • Megan Fox / Midnight in the Switchgrass
  • Taryn Manning / Karen
  • Ruby Rose / Victory


  • Amy Adams / Dear Evan Hansen
  • Sophie Cookson / Never ending
  • Erin Davie (As Camilla) Diana the Musical
  • Judy Kaye (As BOTH Queen Elizabeth and Barbara Cartland) Diana the Musical
  • Taryn Manning / Every Last One Of Them


  • Ben Affleck / The last duel
  • Nick Cannon / The Misfits
  • Mel Gibson / Dangerous
  • Gareth Keegan (as James Hewitt) Diana the Musical
  • Jared Leto / Gucci House


(Special category)

  • Bruce Willis / American siege
  • Bruce Willis / Apex
  • Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin
  • Bruce Willis / Deadlock
  • Bruce Willis / Fortress
  • Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass
  • Bruce Willis / From the dead
  • Bruce Willis / Survive the game


  • Any Klutzy role player and any lamely-gyrated (or choreographed) music number / Diana the Musical
  • LeBron James and any Warner comic book character (or Time-Warner product) Dribble on / Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Jared Leto and OR His 17-pound Latex face, His Geeky Clothes or His Ridiculous Accent / Gucci House
  • Ben Platt and any other character who acts like Platt Sing 24-7 is normal / Dear Evan Hansen
  • Tom and Jerry (also known as Itchy & Scratchy) Tom and Jerry the movie


  • Karen (Intentional Remake of Cruella)
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Tom and Jerry the movie
  • Turn (Rap remake of Oliver twist)
  • The woman in the window (Rip-Off of Rear window)


  • Christopher Ashley / Diana the Musical
  • Stephen Chbosky / Dear Evan Hansen
  • “Coke” Daniels / Karen
  • Renny Harlin / The Misfits
  • Joe Wright / The woman in the window


  • Diana the Musical Thesis by Joe DiPietro, Music and lyrics by DiPietro and David Bryan
  • Karen / Written by “Coke” Daniels
  • The Misfits Screenplay by Kurt Wimmer and Robert Henny, Screenplay by Henny
  • Turn / Written by John Wrathall & Sally Collett, Additional material by Matthew Parkhill, Michael Lindley, Tom Grass & Kevin Lehane, from an “Original Idea” by David & Keith Lynch and Simon Thomas
  • The woman in the window / Screenplay by Tracy Letts, from the novel by AJ Finn

Winners of 2021 Razzie Awards include Sia's Music, the My Pillow Guy and Rudy Giuliani
Winners of 2021 Razzie Awards include Sia’s Music, the My Pillow Guy and Rudy Giuliani

Sia’s controversial musical drama Music collapsed with the public, but hit the right chord with the 2021 Razzie Awards.

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