Better Call Saul Officially Wraps Filming as Bob Odenkirk Shares Final Set Photo

That’s a wrap on Better Call Saul. First premiering on AMC in 2014, the Breaking Bad prequel series serves as an origin story of Saul Goodman, the cocky attorney and criminal lawyer expertly played by Bob Odenkirk. On Wednesday, the cameras stopped rolling for the final time on the series as filming on the series finale was completed. Odenkirk announced the wrap on Twitter by posting an image of himself on the Albuquerque set alongside Kim Wexler actress Rhea Seehorn.

In the tweet, Odenkirk says, “Yesterday an amazing crew of people finished shooting Better Call Saul in Albuquerque, NM. It began in 2014, with great writing always leading the charge, and despite challenges of all kinds, our energy and care never flagged. I am honored to have been part of it. “


Odenkirk first began playing the role of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bada show that revealed very little about who the character really was outside of his life of crime. Better Call Saul has shown that there are many layers to be peeled when it comes to Jimmy McGill, the person who eventually uses the alias of “Saul Goodman” to practice law. The idea has been to show how Jimmy goes from being an aspiring lawyer hoping to impress his brother to one day serving as a personal attorney for Albuquerque’s most notorious criminals – and he fits right in.

Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler has turned out to be the MVP of sorts for Better Call Saul despite having no involvement in Breaking Bad. As Jimmy’s closest pal (and now wife), Kim has stood by Jimmy all throughout the couple’s many ups and downs. Kim appears to be gone from Jimmy’s life by the time Breaking Bad starts, however, leaving her fate one of the biggest mysteries to be solved by Better Call Saul‘s final season.

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It’s the Beginning of the End of Saul Goodman’s Journey

Better Call Saul

The final season of Better Call Saul will finish tying the loose ends connecting the prequel series to the start of Breaking Bad. It will also reveal what happens with Gene Takavic, the Cinnabon manager who’s really Jimmy McGill in disguise. Whatever happens, let’s not get our hopes up for a happy ending, though Odenkirk has teased that fans will appreciate how this story concludes.

“It’s not flashy. It’s substantial, and on some level it’s things I hoped for, for years, in this character’s brain, “the actor told Variety this week. “On the other hand, yeah, I have to read it again. But what I like about it is, it’s not cheap. It’s not easy. It does not feel cartoonish. It’s pretty great, I think. It’s pretty great. I would wanna end with this kind of character-development focus. That’s what it’s about, instead of something that just has guns in it.

The sixth and final season of Better Call Saulwhich Lalo actor Tony Dalton says is “out of control,” will premiere on AMC on April 18, 2022.

Bob Odenkirk Goes Back To Work On Better Call Saul After Suffering a Heart Attack
Bob Odenkirk Goes Back To Work On Better Call Saul After Suffering a Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk announced his return to work on the set of Better Call Saul with a new photo revealing our first look at Jimmy McGill in season 6.

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