Best Outfits on And Just Like That Season 1

Known for the fashion as much as the plot, the Sex and the City franchise has struck again with the newest installation And Just Like That. The reboot picks up with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) navigating their 50s and keeping busy in an ever-changing New York City. Notably missing from the group was Samantha (Kim Cattrall, who decided not to rejoin the cast in this reboot). Unfortunately, there are no plans for Samantha to return to the series for a possible second season. And Just Like That also killed off Mr Big (Chris Noth), scrubbing him from the finaleended Miranda’s marriage with Steve (David Eigenberg), and sent Stanford (Willie Garson) to another country upon Garson’s untimely death.

The reboot received mixed reviews, but thankfully, the fashion did not disappoint. Costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago joined forces with the original costume designer from Sex and The City Patricia Field for the new series. Together, the trio brought us more of the fashion we loved from the original series while adapting to fit the age of the characters. From Carrie’s bizarre smoking outfit to her iconic gowns, fashion was the most memorable part of And Just Like That. Here are a few of the best outfits from season 1.

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10 The York Family’s Oscar de la Renta Outfits

Lily's Oscar de la Renta Outfit

In the first episode of the season, Charlotte has custom Oscar de le Renta dresses made her daughter’s piano recital. Lily, pictured, wears the Rosette cocktail dress while her younger sibling wears the maxi version of the same dress. Both siblings match their mother who also wears a similar floral dress from Lela Rose.

9 Carrie’s Funeral Outfit

Carrie's Funeral Outfit

Carrie’s funeral outfit is a simple ensemble styled with a hat, an accessory piece Carrie wore a lot of during the reboot. Her outfit is a take on the little black dress that is combined with a tulle skirt over a v-necked sleeved top. In the episode aired with this dress, Stanford calls Carrie their version of Jackie Kennedy – strong and brave in the wake of her husband’s death.

8 Carrie’s Iconic Versace Mille Feuille Dress

Carrie's Versace Gown

An homage to one of the most iconic gowns from Sex and The City, Carrie dons the Versace Mille Feuille dress for the third time while reveling in being called “cool” by her trendy downstairs neighbor. This dress was first worn in the 2-part finale of the original series.

7 Carrie’s Norma Kamali Diana Dress

Carrie's First Date Outfit

Before the series aired on HBOMax, the photo of Carrie wearing this powered-blue bodycon dress went viral. Viewers dubbed this Norma Kamali Diana dress as Carrie’s new “naked dress” which was a landmark fashion moment from the original series. The dress was worn as a first date outfit and was paired with the white Max Mara blazer.

6 Carrie’s “Back In Heels” Outfit

Carries Back In Heels Outfit

Halfway through the series, Carrie finds out she needs hip surgery and will not be able to wear heels until she has healed. In true Carrie fashion, she does everything she can to return to heels – which she is able to do by the end of the episode. To celebrate the return to normalcy for her, Carrie is shown wearing a beautiful sequined Missioni dress and sparkly Louboutins.

5 Seema’s Fendi Outfit

One of the show’s newcomers includes real estate agent Seema Patel, played by Sarita Choudhury. Seema’s fashion is one of the most notable out the newcomers as she is often outfitted with classic and chic suits. One of those includes the natural-toned Fendi look. The brown georgette shirt and matching satin skin come directly from Fendi’s 2021 fall collection.

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4 Charlotte’s Dog Walking Outfit

Charlotte's Dog Walking Outfit

Early on in the show, we see Charlotte walking her dog in true Charlotte fashion: classically put together. Clad in a puff-sleeve Stella McCartney top, Balenciaga polka dot skirt, and yellow Manolo Blahnik heels, Charlotte is the most fashionable dog walker there is. She even has a Burberry charm that holds the doggy bags!

3 Carrie and Seema’s Diwali Outfits

Carrie's Diwali Outfit

Carrie’s new friend and real estate agent, Seema, invites Carrie to celebrate Diwali, a celebration of light triumphing over dark. While the episode received some backlash about inaccurately portraying Indian culture and Diwali, the fashion was notable. Whether the women wore saris or lehengas, which was one of the big debates on the accuracy of the episode, the women looked beautiful. Carrie added her own pizazz to the traditional outfit.

2 Carrie’s Valentino Couture Gown


Arguably the biggest fashion moment came from the dress Carrie wore during the finale: the Valentino Couture gown. To end the show, Carrie returned to the infamous bridge in Paris where Mr. Big confessed his love for her. To bring their love story full-circle, Carried decided this bridge would be Mr. Big’s final resting place. For the scene, and in true Carrie fashion, she uses a bedazzled Eiffel Tower purse to hold the ashes. This bright orange gown and contrasting fuschia-colored gloves stood out against the Parisian night sky.

1 Carrie’s Smoking Outfit

Carrie's Smoking Outfit

Carrie’s smoking outfit earns an honorable mention as arguably the biggest fashion risk Carrie has taken throughout the entire franchise. In order to keep the smell of cigarettes off her good clothes, Carrie mixes rubber dish gloves, a pink gingham Batsheva housedress, Mary Jane heels, a blue zip-up hoodie, and a patterned hair scarf.

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