Deadpool Creator Nervous About Disney Version of R-Rated Charater

Rob Liefeld has his doubts about whether Disney can pull off an R-rated Deadpool, saying he is “nervous” about the whole thing.

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When the Disney / Fox merger was completed, there were several R-rated franchise fans that imagined their favorite movies suddenly becoming PG-13 under the control of the House of Mouse. One of those R-rated movies is Deadpool 3which was in development before the merger took place, and due to Disney’s connection with Marvel Studios and the family-friendly MCU, questions were raised about how Deadpool would move forward. It seems that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is one of those nervous about how the third outing for the character will be handled.

The first Deadpool movie was a punt by 20th Century Fox. Still, it paid off massively, instigating a sequel that continued the success of the character’s big-screen antics and saw Deadpool 3 greenlit immediately. Over at Disney at that time, the MCU was starting to take hold, and there became a sense that Marvel movies needed to be family-centric to work. This was a stark contrast to the success of Deadpool and also Logana darker, R-rated X-Men spin-off that would be Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine. Somehow, after the merger, it was announced that Deadpool would be joining the MCU but would be remaining R-rated.


While appearing on The Big Thing, Liefeld was obviously asked about the upcoming third Deadpool movie and whether he felt nervous about how its new owners would treat it. The comic book writer said, “Let me look right into the camera. Am I nervous? Yes! ” Liefeld went on to make a point that has been made by others in relation to the upcoming darker Marvel movies like Blade and Moon Knight, saying that it is important for R-rated Marvel movies to continue to hold the appeal of those who have now grown beyond the key younger demographic that the MCU aims to please. He said, “Do I trust that Disney’s gonna make an R-rated movie? Can you wake me up in two years and show me that it worked? ”

Deadpool Will Always Be An Anomaly, Even When He Joins The MCU

20th Century Fox

Even with Marvel seeming to be heading into more adult-oriented territory in the coming years, Deadpool is not the kind of character that is going to be able to slip into the likes of a Tom Holland Spider-Man movie or buddy up with Thor. He can, however, satisfy his legions of fans by continuing to be the fourth-wall-breaking, foul-mouthed character that fans have turned out in their millions to see in his two movies to date, and that is what everyone is hoping he is allowed to do when he returns.

Ryan Reynolds has hinted that he has already started working on the new Deadpool sequel, and said that he would be pressing on with its development once he returns from his short sabbatical. While there has been no timeline given for when Deadpool 3 is likely to arrive, based on the known Marvel Studios schedule, it is probably that if all goes well, we should get to see Deadpool 3 hit cinemas sometime in 2025.

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