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IMDb TV Renews Almost Paradise for Season 2

It has been over a year and a half since Almost Paradise first premiered and fans have been loudly clamoring for a second season. Now, a recent report from Deadline says that IMDb TV has ordered a second season of the Electric Entertainment procedural.

Almost Paradise stars Christian Kane as a former US DEA agent named Alex Walker. Walker was forced to retire after his partner betrayed him and he was diagnosed with a life-threatening level of hypertension. So he retires to a small tropical island in the Philippines. Of course, a quiet retirement would not make for a good show.

Walker runs the gift shop in the island’s luxury resort hotel. And he tries hard to become a laid back islander and live a more easygoing lifestyle, but the resort he works at attracts the rich and powerful. And sometimes he gets dragged back into a world full of dangerous people. Whether it be through his friends in the local PD, Kai Mendoza (played by Samantha Richelle) or Ernesto Alamares (Arthur Acuna) or just running into people from his old life, Walker cannot simply escape into a peaceful retirement.


Season 1 ended (SPOILERS AHEAD!) with his former partner coming back into his life, and while the immediate story was concluded, it left fans wanting more.

Almost Paradise stars Christian Kane, Samantha Richelle, and Arthur Acuna and is produced by Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment. The show was created by Dean Devlin and Gary Rosen who also serve as showrunners. They, along with Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson, executive produce for Electric Entertainment.

IMDb TV is a free ad supported streaming service that can be accessed as a part of Amazon Video. Shows that air on IMDb TV do not have as high a budget as Prime Video shows do, since IMDb TV is free without needing a Prime subscription, shows that are moved to that service can reach a wider audience than Prime Video shows might. This allows Amazon to allocate its budget more on its big budget programs for Prime Video release, and allowing ad revenue to help defray the cost of producing the content for IMDb TV.

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Christian Kane and Dean Devlin Have a Lengthy Working Relationship


Directors and producers have specific actors that they enjoy working with more than any others. For Electric Entertainment’s Dean Devlin, one such actor is Christian Kane. Almost Paradise is one of four series that the two have worked on together.

Their working relationship began with Leverage. After Leverage ended, they reunited on The Librarians. Both shows aired on TNT and were very successful with large fan followings. Almost Paradise followed in 2020, releasing on WGN and later moving to IMDb TV. And last year, they collaborated again on Leverage: Redemption, which was recently picked up for a second season on IMDb TV.

This partnership is clearly one that both parties are comfortable with and fans keep watching the results so one would expect that the two will continue to work together in the future.

Season 1 of Almost Paradise is streaming on IMDb TV.

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