James Gunn Reveals How Marvel Helped Him Pull Off His Big DC Cameos in Peacemaker’s Finale

Fans of DC and Marvel are bracing themselves for several multiverse crossovers soon, as following the Sony / Marvel Studios mash-up that was Spider-Man: No Way Homethe upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, and The Flash movie will see a number of character appearances that are not entirely expected. However, this week James Gunn beat those upcoming movies to the punch by delivering a fatal blow when it comes to unexpected cameo appearances in the finale of his Peacemaker series’ first season. Read on, but be aware of some big spoilers for Peacemaker’s final episode.

As the dust settled on the fight between John Cena’s Peacemaker and the alien Butterflies in the final episode of the current season, the appearance of four members of the Justice League in the series was not what anyone expected to see, and what was even more surprising was to hear one of them getting in on the R-rated nature of show by dropping a couple of F-bombs in their short appearance.


The scene in question sees Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman turning up late to the fight and instantly being stripped down by Cena’s anti-hero, with Aquaman coming in for a particularly barbed comment. While Superman and Wonder Woman remain hidden in shadow throughout the scene, Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller appear as their Justice League heroes. After verbally abusing the group for being late, Peacemaker tells Aquaman to “Go f — k another fish.” To finish off the scene with its most unexpected moment, Momoa’s Atlantean King says, “I’m so f — king sick of that rumor,” with Miller’s Flash responding with, “That’s not a rumor.” Aquaman then replies, “” F — k you, Barry. “

Having members of the Justice League in the R-rated show is one coup, but to have them actually swearing in the scene, which fits perfectly with the tone of the show, is something that shows the difference between the Marvel and DC camps when it comes to their biggest superheroes. While Disney is very keen to keep the MCU purely family oriented, Warner Bros. has had no issues in letting James Gunn loose on their comic book franchise.

James Gunn Was Given Free Reign With Peacemaker and the Justice League

James Gunn has found the perfect superhero to use through John Cena in Peacemaker

Director James Gunn revealed while speaking to Variety that to have the Justice League fully in the show was something that he just did not have the budget for, leading to the joke of them turning up late. When it came to the shooting of the scene itself, Gunn revealed that it was only really possible thanks to Marvel allowing him to shoot some of it while working on Guardians of The Galaxy.

“I think before we ever shot the show, we talked to Jason [Momoa] about it. We were like, ‘Listen, [Peacemaker] says you f – k fish all the time. ‘ And we were a little afraid he would be upset, but he just laughed. He was cool, ”Gunn said. “So he was pretty much on board from the beginning. And then Ezra I just found out through some common friends liked my movies a lot. And so I asked if he would come in and shoot this scene, and he kindly agreed to do that. Actually, Marvel shot [Ezra] for us, while we’re shooting ‘Guardians Vol. 3. ‘ I mean, Marvel owed DC, because the Peacemaker crew shot my screen test for [‘Peacemaker’ co-star] Chukwudi [Iwuji] for ‘Guardians Vol. 3. ‘ And then we got Ezra with the ‘Guardians Vol. 3‘crew. ”

James Gunn is in the very unique position of working almost simultaneously with Marvel Studios on the MCU and Warner Bros. on DCEU projects. While Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is thought to be his last movie with Marvel Studios, the Peacemaker finale has brought about a new level of excitement for what he could do on his next DC project.

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