Mark Hamill Gives His Approval to Fan Created Nirvana / Star Wars Mashup

Forever synonymous with the Star Wars franchise, Mark Hamill has been sharing another fan mashup, this time featuring an iconic Nirvana album cover.

Mark Hamill hangs off the Death Star in Empire Strikes Back
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There does not seem to be much of a connection between the Nirvana album Nevermind and the Star Wars franchise, but Mark Hamill has found one and brought it to the attention of everyone by sharing an image of an edited version of the American band’s iconic album cover that incorporates a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. The original album cover is probably one of the most instantly recognizable pieces in music history, featuring a naked baby swimming towards a dollar bill, and has been recently the subject of a lawsuit by the now grown-up child, something that Hamill also brought up in his post.


Hamill has been linked to the Star Wars franchise for 45 years since he first played Luke Skywalker in A New Hope. As well as being the central character of the original trilogy, Hamill reprised his role in the sequel trilogy and also appeared in The Mandalorian as a de-aged version of Luke, while the character also appeared through CGI technology in The Book of Boba Fett. With Hamill still very much a part of the franchise, anything he posts on the subject is going to get the attention of his fans, and his latest post is no exception.

On his Twitter accountHamill posted the image which shows The Empire Strikes Back scene in which Luke Skywalker is seen recovering from a Wampa attack in a Bacta tank. Considering he is seen floating in liquid, the image of Luke only took the addition of a floating dollar bill and the album title to turn the whole image into one that Hamill was very much on board with. He commented, “Love this idea for Nirvana’s album.” He also made a joking reference to the recent lawsuit around the original album cover, saying, “Also, I never would have retroactively sued the band (like the original Cover-Baby did after he grew up).”

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Mark Hamill Loves Sharing Fan Tweets Referencing His Star Wars Role

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While he could be forgiven for being a little bored with constant references to Skywalker, Hamill has fully embraced the fact that he will never escape the character. Whether he is sharing art, memes or interacting with others Star Wars related posts, it is clear that Hamill still has an affinity with his Star Wars character, and that was something he put beyond doubt when reprising the role for the finale of The Mandalorian.

As shown the accompanying Disney + series looking at the making of The Mandalorian, being able to play the role of Luke Skywalker again and have the character look as did around the time of Return of the Jedi was something that gave Hamill a real buzz to do, and of course it was something that fans were both surprised by and welcomed as Luke Skywalker appeared to take The Child from Din Djarin and train him in the ways of The Force.

Whether we see Hamill make any further appearances as Luke in the future of the Star Wars franchise or not, he clearly is not about to stop sharing anything Star Wars related that catches his attention and that is something that can only bring more good things to the attention of his many followers.

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