Uncharted Video Game Voice Actor Praises Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

From one Nathan Drake to another, Nolan North has nothing but kind words to say about Uncharted star Tom Holland. In the original video game series, North provided the voiceover work and motion capture for the Nathan Drake character, forever making him synonymous with Uncharted in the minds of gamers. Many had even hoped North would be the one to play Drake in the live-action Uncharted movie. WARNING: Minor spoilers are ahead for Uncharted.

Ultimately, Holland picked up the role with the film introducing the Spider-Man star as a younger version of Drake. This was the perfect decision as far as North is concerned. Speaking about the movie with VarietyNorth made it clear that he disagrees with the opinion that some gamers have that he should have been the one to play Drake in the new film.


“People think, ‘It should’ve been you.’ Well, it should not. I’m 51. “

North does have a cameo in the film, briefly encountering Holland’s Drake shortly after the big airplane sequence highlighted in the trailers. The familiar video game music even starts playing when North shows up, further tipping off gamers about the cameo. North was happy his part in the film was short and sweet as he did not want to take viewers out of the experience. He also went on to praise how much he enjoyed working with Holland.

“I was super impressed by Tom Holland, not only his talent, but the person he is and watching him interact with the cast and crew. At the beach, there were so many extras and people who wanted to see him. There were crowds of young girls waiting to see him come off the set, and he waved and they screamed. I waved and they did not scream, but that’s OK. Some of their moms did. “

North also feels that going with a younger Drake for the film was a good call. This opens the door to explore what happened to Drake in his younger years, venturing into new territory unseen in the video games.

“Where was he during his 20s? There are so many adventures they could do. It’s kind of endless, as long as Tom looks like he could play in his 20s – he’ll probably be in his 40s and play his 20s. When I saw him, it was perfect. It does not look like the character, but it is the character. ”

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Nolan North Will Narrate the Uncharted Audiobook

Uncharted, Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures

Nolan North might not be physically portraying Nathan Drake in the new movie, but he will still be playing him in a way. The actor will narrate the official Audiobook adaptation of the film. This means he will also be doing the voices of all of the characters, including Drake. Though North says he tried to make himself sound a little younger for the voice.

“I got to do Antonio Banderas, a little bit of a Mark Wahlberg and put on my own Boston accent a little bit,” North said of the audiobook. “And then Nathan Drake. I did not do Tom Holland, though. I kind of just did me. I tried to young him up a little bit.”

Uncharted is now playing in movie theaters.

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