Ozark Continues Nielsen Streaming Dominance

Netflix’s Ozark is wrapping up its season with more heat than even Marty Byrde can avoid. The Netflix hit ate up more than 4 billion minutes of viewing time for January 24th-30th, which is only the fourth time that happened in the United States. The fourth season made its debut on January 21st, topping 4 billion minutes of viewing – 4.095 billion exactly. That’s the best for any streaming title in two years and only the fourth time any show has topped the 4 billion minute mark.

According to The Hollywood Reportersome other winners were Tiger King and Ozark again, in March and April 2020, which were the early days of the pandemic when we saw more people home from work and school and TV usage went way up. Tiger King peaked at 5.3 billion minutes and also had a week of 4.4 billion minutes, while Ozark reached 5.2 billion minutes the week of March 30th, 2020.


The 4.1 billion minutes for Ozark from January 24-30 is a significant increase of 41% over the previous week. The Netflix drama beat the combined total (3.96 billion minutes) for the other nine shows in Nielsen’s top original series rankings. How did our friend over in the Star Wars universe, do you ask? The Book of Boba Fett finished second with 744 million minutes of watch time; Netflix also won big with The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window when it debuted with 650 million minutes.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure US audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Apple TV +, Disney +, Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video. As more streaming services become larger and with more content, this could change in the future.

What are the Top Streaming Programs?

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The top streaming series for Jan. 24-30 are below.

Original Series

1. Ozark (Netflix), 4.1 billion minutes viewed

2. The Book of Boba Fett (Disney +), 744 million

3. The Woman in the Houseā€¦ (Netflix), 650 million

4. Archive 81 (Netflix), 462 million

5. All of Us Are Dead (Netflix), 448 million

6. Cobra Kai (Netflix), 395 million

7. In From the Cold (Netflix), 349 million

8. The Witcher (Netflix), 315 million

9. Too Hot to Handle (Netflix), 309 million

10. Cheer (Netflix), 287 million

Acquired Series

1. NCIS (Netflix), 796 million minutes

2. Criminal Minds (Netflix), 662 million

3. Cocomelon (Netflix), 641 million

4. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 425 million

5. Seinfeld (Netflix), 407 million

6. Supernatural (Netflix), 394 million

7. Bluey (Disney +), 343 million

8. Bones (Hulu / Prime Video), 329 million

9. House (Prime Video), 317 million

10. How I Met Your Mother (Hulu), 316 million

The final half of Ozark premieres April 20th, 2022; it will be interesting to see if the hit drama can pull those large numbers again as the series closes out and comes to an end. You can view the new trailer for Season 4 Part 2 below.

Ozark Season 4: The Fate of Each Character and Every Direction The Show Could Go
Ozark Season 4: The Fate of Each Character and Every Direction The Show Could Go

With the final season of Ozark heading for Netflix sometime next year, we have some ideas of about the fate of the Byrd family and their associates.

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