Here’s Every Emily in Paris Main Character, Ranked

Emily in Paris is a Netflix Original comedy-drama starring the beautiful and talented Lily Collins. This light-hearted, easy, and irresistible series follows Emily Cooper (Collins), a young woman working at a marketing firm in Chicago, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she is transferred to Paris to provide an American perspective. From fabulous outfits, delicious food, and endless parties, Emily is living the dream until she finds out her gorgeous neighbor who she’s been flirting with since her arrival is dating one of her only friends in Paris.

Emily in Paris was streamed over 58 million times during the first 28 days of its initial release. Season 2 of the series was also just released in December 2021 and was so successful that Netflix just renewed Emily in Paris for a third and fourth season. This show is beyond entertaining and a must-watch for anyone interested in Paris, fashion, and drama. As we await more details on the series’ upcoming seasons, here are all the main characters in Emily in Parisranked.

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10 Madeline Wheeler


Kate Walsh plays Madeline Wheeler, the marketing director at the Gilbert Group firm Emily works for based in Chicago. Her character is originally supposed to take the job in Paris, but when she finds out she is pregnant, she asks Emily to take the job instead. Madeline’s biggest flaw is how much she feeds into the French stereotypes and tries to appropriate their culture. Her obvious lack of understanding for what the French are actually like frustrates Sylvie and all the other employees at Savoir.

9 Alfie


Audiences do not know too much about Alfie as he only made is first appearance in Emily in Paris during the second season of the show, but what is clear is the confusing relationship he and Emily share. At first, it seems as though Alfie is annoyed by Emily constantly making insulting remarks about the way she dresses and her job as well as making his hatred for Paris known. By the end of the season, though, the London-born banker stole Emily and audiences’ hearts. Even though she still has feelings for Gabriel, Alfie and Emily officially start a relationship.

8 Antoine Lambert


As charming as he is we can not help but question Antoine’s morals and intentions. He is one of Savoir’s most promising clients and having an affair with the companies chief marketing officer, Sylvie. There is constant tension surrounding their relationship in season one and Antoine becomes even more involved in Emily’s life when he buys a restaurant in and asks Emily’s neighbor and love interest Gabriel to be the head chef.

7 Julian


Julian is an employee at the French Luxury marketing company Savoir, and is initially very suspicious of Emily. He is not too thrilled with the American perspective she brings to the company, and their personalities begin to clash. As Julian begins to realize that Emily is only here to improve Savoir and is rooting for all the employees’ successes, he warms up to her. Julian, Emily, and their co-worker Luc become a power group.

6 Luc


Like Julian, Luc is an employee at Savoir who questions Emily’s capabilities right off the bat. He is awkward and confusing, but a good friend and someone Emily can count on during the show. He is one of the first people at Savoir to open up to Emily and accept her place in the company by offering her advice and taking her out to lunch when no one else would.

5 Gabriel


Gabriel became a fan-favorite very early on in the first season. His character, portrayed by Lucas Bravo, is Emily’s neighbor and a very talented chef from Normandy. He and Emily hit it off right away and their crushes on one another grow from episode to episode until Emily finds out that Gabriel is dating one of her best friends in Paris (Camille). This situation leaves Emily to decide if love or friendship is more important to her and allows her to reflect on how Paris has changed her morals.

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4 Sylvie


Sylvie is the tough, judgmental, and fabulous Chief Marketing Officer at Savoir. Out of everyone at the company she is the least excited about Emily’s arrival in Paris. Sylvie goes out of her way to make Emily’s life difficult and will purposefully try to make her feel bad. Over time, though, Sylvie sees that the new employee’s talent is undeniable and that maybe the change she is bringing can be valuable to the company after all.

3 Camille


Camille is one of Emily’s only friends in Paris and genuinely a very nice person who is always looking out for people and offering them opportunities out of pure kindness. Emily, Camille, and Mindy get along great until Emily realizes the guy she has been crushing over is Camille’s boyfriend. In season two, Camille finds out that Gabriel cheated on her with Emily and somehow manages to forgive the two and offer them a second chance.

2 Mindy Chen


Mindy Chen is Emily’s high-maintenance, but very fun best friend from China. Her greatest passion is singing, but after a humiliating moment that aired on television in China, Mindy was so embarrassed that she fled the country and moved to Paris. She told her friends and super wealthy family that she was moving to attend business school in hopes to make them proud, even though she was really working as a nanny. She teaches Emily the Parisian way and offers her advice on confusing work and dating problems that make the show that much more interesting.

1 Emily Cooper


Coming in at number one on the list for best Emily in Paris characters ranked is the shows leading lady Emily Copper, played by the extremely talented Lily Collins. Emily’s life gets completely turned upside down after impulsively moving to Paris to provide an American perspective at a French Luxury Marketing company called Savoir. She tries to balance work, dating, and making friends, all while living in the most romantic city in the world. There would be no show without Emily, and we all secretly envy her fabulous life – just a little.

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