These Are Some Of The Best Original Series On Showtime, Ranked

Currently, the subscription-based, cable television network Showtime includes an extensive range of theatrically released motion pictures, in addition to original programming. Originally launched in ’76, the service has gone from being predominately a pay-cable-based subscription channel, optional to its existing cable television customers, blooming into a mainstream corporation and world-renowned streaming platform best accessible by smart televisions, laptops, and cellular devices, where you can stream Showtime via Showtime Now.

With the world rapidly changing through the fast-paced manner in which we utilize and consume technology, platforms like Showtime have decided to change with the times, producing and distributing massive amounts of original series and films (like the highly-anticipated remake of The Man Who Fell to Earth). With every genre in mind, Showtime has released over hundreds of original content (both scripted and unscripted), feature films, comedy specials, documentaries, and excellent sports programming (especially boxing) throughout its duration as a premium provider. Although we most likely would be here forever if we went through the list of every Showtime original, let’s highlight some of the network’s most recent and well-regarded, self-produced TV shows.

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5 Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan, Series
CBS Television

Since 2013, seven seasons of the hit series has featured Hollywood’s number one fixer for the wealthy and elite, Ray Donovan (Liv Schreiber). When celebrities and fellow business moguls find themselves in a jam, they call Donovan to make their problems disappear. His work in LA is much more glamorous and legitimate, and places him higher on the scale of power than his previous gig in South Boston, where he worked as a street guy. Donovan’s past in Boston comes back to haunt him when his father is released from prison after 20 years. The interesting family drama is perfect television, highlighting a Sopranos style rhetoric with a lot more action. Although the show was canceled after seven seasons, a feature film is slated for 2022, starring Schreiber in his reprisal of Donovan.

4 Homeland

20th Television / CBS Television

Based on the Israeli series Prisoners of War, Homeland is a captivating thriller with extensive character analysis and backstories. CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) experiences many highs and lows throughout the show, as she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and yet is a brilliant agent. Mathison is convinced a prisoner of war, Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), has been turned by al-Qaeda and is in the midst of carrying out a terrorist attack on American soil. As she interrogates him further, America’s national security has a higher risk of deconstructing. The constant ups and downs as it pertains to Mathison’s relationship with the CIA is greatly estranged at one point, due primarily to her disillusionment, and leads the show through some shocking twists and turns up until its eighth and final season.

3 Dexter

Dexter, Series
CBS Television

The infamous Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a forensic blood-splatter analyst who works for the Miami-Metro Police Department. Fun fact, Dexter does not just stop at solving murders, he’s a vengeful serial killer who commits a wide range of slayings as well. Though he claims to himself that he only murders guilty individuals, many viewers might add that what the antihero does is just as bad as killing a completely innocent person; on the other hand, other viewers have applauded him throughout the runtime of this popular show. His sister, who works as a police detective (Jennifer Carpenter), in addition to his colleagues, have no idea about Dexter’s secret life because of how great his is at navigating both alternate lives. If anything, Dexter will enable viewers to root for the serial killer and not feel bad about it later; they’ll get the same chance in its upcoming sequel series.

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2 The Chi

The Chi, Series
20th Television

Any viewer who grew up in an impoverished area and felt their circumstances were harder than imaginable, can understand why The Chi is a powerful tool as a series for the outside world to hone in on. Incorporating elements that are both impactful and all-inclusive in its storytelling of urban dramas; the plot is about a group of residents, living in the South Side of Chicagowho first become interconnected by mere coincidence but further tied throughout the real dangers in their neighborhood. The show depicts just how much these dangers can threaten dreams and generate consequences, while featuring true-to-life characters working at a path of redemption.

1 Shameless

shameless series
Warner Bros. Television

The US adaptation of the BAFTA-winning show Shameless follows Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), a single father of six: Fiona (Emmy Rossum), Phillip (Jeremy Allen White), Ian (Cameron Monaghan), Debbie (Emma Rose Kenney), Carl (Ethan Francis Cutkosky), and Liam (Christian Isaiah). Neglectful towards his children while creating a dysfunctional home environment, Frank spends an extensive amount of time drinking at bars, while the children are forced to care for themselves. Gallagher’s eldest daughter, Fiona, takes on the responsibility to assist her siblings in any way she can, due to the absence of both parents. With great comedy and heartbreaking drama, the family try to survive this difficult modern world. Shameless is true to its title, but wonderful nonetheless.

Kathryn Hahn Is Joan Rivers in Showtime Series The Comeback Girl
Kathryn Hahn Is Joan Rivers in Showtime Series The Comeback Girl

WandaVision favorite Kathryn Hahn will play late comedy icon Joan Rivers in Showtime’s upcoming limited series The Comeback Girl.

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