Howie Mandel and Fred Savage Want a Little Monsters Sequel

80s nostalgia is a big thing, and in a recent conversation Fred Savage answered the question whether he would do a Little Monsters sequel.

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Film studios are currently wringing out all their can from their old 80s and 90s movies, with legacy sequels, reboots, TV shows and super-expensive toy lines rolling out based on some of the biggest 30 to 40 year old franchises they have available. However, there are also some smaller movies that certain people would love to jump on the bandwagon while it is still rolling, and two of those would be Little Monsters stars Fred Savage and Howie Mandel who it seems are both interested in revisiting the cult classic that was originally released in 1989.

Like many movies of its type, Little Monsters combined comedy with monstrous creatures and seemed to steal many of its ideas from other earlier movies. The film was a bomb at the box office and only managed a middling response from both audiences and critics. However, since then the movie has joined many 80s genre movies as a cult classic and for that reason alone it would be hard to completely rule out its return if the right people were to take an interest.


Recently asked by whether he would be interested in a sequel movie, Fred Savage said “You lead the charge”, before explaining how much fun it was to work on the movie when he was much younger. After the short clip was shared on Twitter by ComicBook’s Chris Killian, who mentioned Mandel in his comments, it took no time for the Canada’s Got Talent judge to respond with a very short and positive reply.

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It is not too long ago that the idea of ​​someone pitching a potential movie idea on Twitter and actually making it happen would be seen as ludicrous. However, we live in a time when Zack Snyder’s Justice League was partially brought about by a huge wave of fan outpouring across social media platforms, and Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista seemed to go from simply mentioning working together on a buddy cop movie to actually making one.

While the Little Monsters discussion was very much a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, with the actors clearly being up for a sequel, 80s nostalgia being big business right now, and streaming platforms in particular looking for content that may draw the attention in a crowded market, there could be someone already trying to work out how to make this happen.

In the last few years there have been many shows and movies making a return on one streaming platform or another, from the likes of Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal on Netflix, to Disney’s upcoming Hocus Pocus 2the series based on Alien and Blade Runneras well as the return of Beetlejuice, which also now seems to be on the cards after being discussed for more than 30 years. Whether Little Monsters could join these in being brought back for another run-out is something we can only wait and see, but it would certainly fit in the current climate where nostalgia is money.

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