Is Lucasfilm Making an Old Republic Trilogy?

Within the Star Wars universe, “The Old Republic” is a term that refers to a period of time set between 3956 and 3630 years before the Battle of Yavin (as seen in 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope). It is also part of what fans refer to as “Legends” continuity, which means that it is part of the Star Wars canon that was declared non-canon after Disney purchased all the rights to the Star Wars property in 2012.

The term was first introduced to the world with the release of the 2003 original Xbox videogame Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic developed by BioWare and is subsequently the game that put BioWare on the map. Since then, the game has spawned two official sequels in the forms of the original Xbox game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords developed by Obsidian Entertainment in 2004 and the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic developed again by BioWare in 2011 as well as numerous novel and comic book spin-offs. It was also confirmed in September 2021 that a remake of the original 2003 classic is currently in development by Aspyr Media, Inc. and will be a timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5 before eventually moving on to other platforms.


With so much love and demand for new Star Wars-related content, it should not come as much of a surprise that Disney and Lucasfilm may be working on an entirely new trilogy of movies set in “The Old Republic” time period behind the scenes. While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, leaks and rumors from various sources have all hinted at the strong possibility that an Old Republic trilogy is being developed.

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While the prospect of more Star Wars movies is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing, using “The Old Republic” as a setting could be something of a radical departure for casual fans of the Star Wars movies as both visually and thematically it is very different from the rest of the Star Wars canon. It is also worth noting that because this period of Star Wars history is set thousands of years before the events of 1999’s Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menacenone of the familiar characters or concepts will be present in any form, meaning that almost everything is going to be new to some degree.

What Would An Old Republic Trilogy Be About?

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True to the movie trilogies, each game in the Old Republic series stars a brand new main character and a new cast of supporting characters and villains. Not only that, but the most recent game of the series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is an MMO with multiple expansions, the most recent of which came out in February of this year. This means there is an absolute cornucopia of source material that Disney and Lucasfilm can take inspiration from when crafting a story. With the newly established Disney canon, anything is possible. While there is a wealth of material to work with, however, the vast majority of The Old Republic’s story can be tied back to the actions of one man, the Jedi knight known as Revan. With this in mind, it is very, very likely that if an Old Republic trilogy is in the works, it will focus primarily on the story of Revan.

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Fans of the original classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will know Revan as the Jedi knight who led the Jedi order in the fight against the Mandalorians in The Mandalorian Wars – the one that all the Mandalorian characters keep referencing in Clone Wars, Rebelsand The Mandalorian. Eventually, Revan fell to the dark side and became the Sith Lord Darth Revan before redeeming and rediscovering the light. So already, with that description, there is a lot of story potential for just one character.

While the current popularity of Mandalorians in the Star Wars universe presents the strong possibility of telling the story of The Mandalorian Wars, the far more likely story that Disney and Lucasfilm will tell are of the events of the Jedi Civil War and Revan’s redemption. The reason for this is that those are the events covered in the actual game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and, as such, is the story that everybody knows and most likely will want to see. After all, the continued popularity of Star Wars is proof that people like what’s familiar.

When Will We See an Old Republic Movie Trilogy?

Knights of the Old Republic Project Is in Development Confirms Star Wars Boss
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Realistically speaking, with all the current Star Wars-related projects in the works right now for both Disney + and the big screen, if an Old Republic trilogy is in the works, we might not see or hear anything of it until quite a few years from now. In total, there are currently more than ten known Star Wars-related projects in the works at Disney and Lucasfilm, each with their own production schedules, and that is not counting shows that may have multiple seasons. What this means, sadly, is that Disney and Lucasfilm are going to have their hands full for the next few years finishing up all of their current projects before they can even think about anything related to The Old Republic.

However, as stated earlier, more Star Wars-related content is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing. Still, those wishing for an Old Republic trilogy sooner rather than later are going to have to take a cue from the Jedi themselves and exercise patience. Good things, after all, come to those who wait.

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