Robert Pattinson Wasn’t Bothered by Initial Backlash Over The Batman Casting

Not everyone was sold on Robert Pattinson‘s casting as Bruce Wayne for Matt Reeves’ The Batman when the news was first announced, but the actor did not let it bother him. This week, following a lengthy production process and many release date delays, The Batman finally premieres in movie theaters. The film introduces Pattinson as the newest actor to portray the Dark Knight on the big screen, and according to early reviews, he does a pretty good job in the role.

At the start of the production process, however, there were some complaints online about Pattinson’s Batman casting. Many filmgoers continued to closely associate him with the Twilight movie series, which did not exactly showcase the range Pattinson is capable of as an actor. He assuaged many of those fears by the time the first sneak peek teaser was released, and even in the trailers, Pattinson seems to have gotten the bulk of those critics to come around enough to give him a chance.


Pattinson touched on the backlash over his casting in a new interview with The Los Angeles Times. He explains that he was actually expecting the criticism to be much worse than it was, finding himself pleasantly surprised that the news had garnered some support, even if it still seemed like the majority of people were against it for a while. As Pattinson explains:

“I was actually mocked less than I usually am. I was quite shocked. ‘Only 70% negative? A-plus! ‘”

The former Twilight star admits that even he had never really envisioned himself in a superhero role. Still, there was something about the concept of playing Batman in a film by Reeves, a filmmaker he really admired. As a performer, Pattinson was also intrigued by the challenges that came with playing such an iconic character like Batman, along with the added pressure that came with it.

Even like five years ago, I was the last person I would think would be cast as Batman. I’m never normally in consideration for superhero parts at all. Usually [in those roles] you’re either a total unknown or someone who just, I do not know, seems more obvious. I do not understand what it was about Batman, but I got really fixated on it and kept pushing my agent about it. I loved Matt’s work on the Planet of the Apes movies so much, and a lot of Matt’s work. and I was thinking, if you can get that performance out of a monkey … [laughs] Then I met Matt and just he had such an interesting take on the character, and it just felt very different and kind of dangerous. It feels like a big, big mountain to climb. “

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Matt Reeves Knew Fans Would Be Leery No Matter Who Was Cast

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Director Matt Reeves did not pay much attention to the backlash, either. He knew heading into The Batman that there was going to be some trepidation over how the film would turn out with a new actor playing the character, as it seems many fans have their own idea of ​​what the perfect Batman should be like. Or as Reeves puts it:

“When you go into a Batman movie, you just have to kind of harden yourself in the beginning. It’s an 80-year-old character. Every time you step into it, you’re stepping into something where everybody already has a preconception. ”

The Batman officially releases in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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