Here’s Where the Cast of Twilight is Today

It was the year of 2008, an indie movie called Twilight released, and no one expected the craze that it brought upon the film industry and the fandom culture. The dramatic undertone aside, Paramount Pictures certainly did not expect Twilight to become the most purchased DVD of 2009. 12 years later and the $ 3.3 billion-worth franchise is still dominating Netflix’s top 10 most watched-titles list.

The cast can certainly give their thanks to the franchise for giving their acting careers a start, despite the awkwardness with which they may look back on it. With the recent release of yet another continuation of Stephanie Mayer’s story, Midnight Sunthere have been certain speculations about whether the actors would be up for another movie. With that in mind, let’s see where the Twilight cast is today.


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Kellan Lutz


Kellan Lutz’s acting career may not have sprung out into similar heights as Robert Pattinson’s after portraying Emmett in the Twilight saga, but he has enjoyed moderate success. He has participated in some minor side roles, such as playing the eye candy in What Men Want (2019), but also starred in movies such as The Guardians of the Tomb (2018) as the main lead. But the one role that has brought him the most recognition has to be that of Kenny Crosby in the crime drama TV series FBI: Most Wanted. After losing his daughter six months into his wife’s pregnancy, and the global pandemic hitting amidst all of it, Lutz made the hard decision to quit the TV show to focus on his family.

Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene’s character of Alice has been arguably one of the most loved ones in the series. Her rationality and ability to foresee future events always brought down everyone’s heads from the clouds. Since TwilightGreene has voiced Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in the Batman: Arkham Asylum. As for her more recent projects, she has starred in a 2021 horror movie Aftermath – beware, some scenes are really graphic. If you’re up for more action than terror, she has also starred in a British action thriller about Navy SEALs called One Shot (2021). For her upcoming project, she is set to star alongside Nicolas Cage in a crime-thriller Retirement Plan (2022).

Jackson Rathbone


Although not as major, Jackson Rathbone has been busy acting in numerous roles after saying farewell to Twilight. The most noticeable one has to be his role of Sokka in the whitewashed version of the Avatar: The Last Airbender (2010). He has received backlash for accepting the role even though he is nowhere near of Asian descent and for never acknowledging why it’s seen as problematic. He also starred alongside Janel Parrish in a haunted romance Until We Meet Again (2020), where he plays the ghost of a famous pianist. His recent projects consist of a Netflix comedy Mixtape (2021) and Zero Roada movie about a gifted kid who has to turn to drug running to save his family, which is still in the post-production stage.

Nikki Reed


In contrast to her colleagues, Reed’s acting career has never really taken off, which is quite unfortunate considering how much depth she was able to bring to Rosalie with the little she had been given. Acting aside, Reed has been active in numerous fields she has always been passionate about. Together with her husband Ian Somerhalder, Reed has always been environmentally conscious. She has created her own environmentally friendly jewelry line, as well as partnered with a shoe company Loci to launch a line of sustainable vegan sneakers. We can not forget to mention her strong animal rights advocacy, where she has collaborated with many animal rights organizations.

Taylor Lautner


Despite being one of the main three lead characters in the famous love triangle, Taylor Lautner has never managed to break free from his Jacob identity. The actor was only 17 years old when the first Twilight movie premiered, which is not only concerning because of the amount of fame he had to deal with at that age, which sometimes made him scared to step out in public, but also because of how he spent his teens being sexualized for his body since most of his scenes were shirtless ones. He has had minor roles throughout his career. The latest movie – Home Team – he has starred in released in January 2022 on Netflix.

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Anna Kendrick


The fact that she only played a side character in Twilight did not stop Anna Kendrick from rising to stardom. She made a name for herself by starring in the Pitch Perfect trilogy as the main character Beca. Not only did she showcase her singing skills in the movies, one of her songs from the movies, “Cups,” also went viral across the globe. But she did not stop there! Her latest Netflix TV series, Love Life, has been enjoying grand success as it portrays Kendrick’s character Darby Carter’s messy relationships. If you want to bawl your eyes out, definitely watch Kendrick in her latest movie Stowaway (2021). She is also said to star in an upcoming American-Canadian thriller Alice, Darling.

Robert Pattinson


And now, onto the main stars! Robert Pattinson has been desperately trying to shed off his Edward reputation and, he has indeed done an amazing job at making a name for himself outside the Twilight box. It could be argued that starring in Tenet (2020) was the final step Pattinson needed to earn respect from the general audience. He also enjoyed quite a good reputation after starring alongside Willem Dafoe in The Lighthouse (2019). But now, with The Batman ‘s release, we’re more than certain Pattinson has become one of the most renowned actors of our generation. If that is not enough, he is also in talks to star in Bong Joon Ho’s upcoming Warner Bros production.

Kristen Stewart


Pattinson is not the only one slowly becoming the actor of our generation; Kristen Stewart has also proved she is capable of progress beyond Bella. In time, people have learned that she is actually a fantastic actress and all the hatred she initially received was mostly rooted in misogyny. After all, she has an Oscar nomination to her name to prove that. Yes, her long-expected role of Princess Diana in Spencer (2021) did not disappoint and, with the upcoming 2022 Academy Awards, let’s hope she has shut up the haters at once. As for her future projects, she is said to star in David Cronenberg’s sci-fi movie Crimes of the Future and has also been talking about making her directorial debut with The Chronology of Water.

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