These Are Some Of The Best Feminist Comedy Movies

There are quite a lot of comedy movies that seem to use women as the butt of the joke. However, in recent years, there has been an influx of comedy films that lean towards the feminist route instead of more misogynistic ones. Many of those comedy movies from the past are still enjoyable for audiences, but some humor and the ways in which they’ve used women has gotten a bit old for some viewers. Female audiences want to be able to watch a comedy movie without feeling degraded.

The films on this list do not have women as the butt of the joke, but instead as protagonists in their own story. The women in these comedy movies are not only hilarious but allow women to be powerful and the center of their story. These funny films are important for promoting equality in more palatable forms for audiences of all ages and genders. For women’s history monthand indeed for all months of the year, take a look at some of the best feminist comedies.

5 She’s the Man

She's the Man
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A great example of feminist comedy is 2006’s She’s the Man. The film follows Viola (Amanda Bynes), who is a better soccer player than the girls at her school, but they will not allow her to play with the boys. Thus, she chooses to dress as her brother while he is out of town and take his spot on his soccer team at his school. Throughout the film, Viola is able to prove time and time again that she can play just as well if not better than the boys she plays against. Viola is able to prove that sport has no genderand she can play against anyone and win.

This is obviously done through comedy, and the movie is quite funny. The film has a broad demographic, from kids to feminists and teens to intellectuals, as it’s even an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, again allowing it to be enjoyed by wider audiences. Despite the feminist tones of the film, it has never been seen as a bad film due to the feminist themes.

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4 Mean Girls

mean girls main
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Mean Girls is a rite of passage to watch for young girls everywhere, not only because of its empathetic depiction of high school, but also due to its great portrayal of women. The female characters in the film are not all particularly likable, but they are relatable, and that’s powerful. There are not many funny, powerful women portrayed kindly in media, but Mean Girls has more than one of them.

Regina George is probably one of the worst people ever written, but she is powerful and very femininea combination not often seen in Hollywood, as many powerful women in media tend to be shoved into a less feminine box in order for them to be powerful in the world they inhabit. She is queen of the school, but she also has blackmail on people and is able to control them with her words, all while wearing pink. What young girl does not want to rule the world and everyone in it, all while wearing pink? This was the film which taught many people how to be a feminist.

3 Legally Blonde

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Speaking of ruling the world in pink, Legally Blonde just may be the epitome of that idea. Elle Woods is every pink-lovers dream, and every young girl’s icon. She was a feminist hero ahead of her time, who went to Harvard Law and surprised everyone with her intelligence, and looked great while doing it. Similar to the characters in Mean GirlsElle’s hyper-femininity is often a barrier for her to accomplish her goals.

However, the feminist elements of the film turn that on its head, and instead she becomes successful not despite her femininity, but with it. Her choice to always wear pink, have her nails and hair done, and always wear heels “should” be a barrier in the elite business world. While this is not actually true, it is how women are often perceived in media and in real life, especially in male dominated industries. However, in Legally Blonde (and its subsequent sequel) Elle is able to fully accomplish her goals and succeed, while dressing however she so pleases.

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2 Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes
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Fried Green Tomatoes not only has every element of a great feminist film, but it also takes on other important social issues. The film also discussed civil rights in the south and the challenges that can get compounded with being a woman. The largest plot line of the film details domestic abuse and how that affects a woman, but the women in the film band together to fight back against their friend’s abuser and significant other.

Women all over the world experience domestic abuse every day, and many are unable to escape their situations. However, seeing the friends and female bonds that the women in Fried Green Tomatoes have is an emotional inspiration for women everywhere. The characters are able to help their friend escape a possibly life-threatening situation, a very feminist and empowering idea. Combined with its early 1991 portrait of the lesbian experiencethe film represents a feminist ideal and hope.

1 9 to 5

9 to 5 Sequel Is Definitely Happening with Original Cast

Despite being the oldest of the films on this list, 9 to 5 remains one of the best feminist comedies of all time. Considering it was released in 1980, it is a shock to many that not only does the story and its characters stand the test of time, but the feminist ideology of the film has fully stood the test of time as well.

Women in the workplace are often pigeonholed into roles that they may be overqualified for, just because they are women. This has been happening for far too long, but when it does, one can always look at 9 to 5 for a vicarious experience. This film presents the fun fantasy of what they’d do to their misogynist boss if there were absolutely no consequences. In a time long before #MeToo, 9 to 5 is more relatable than ever, and is truly motivational for people facing chauvinism in the workplace. Sadly, the reality is that many women still experience this, and there are consequences for tying up and ‘torturing’ your offensive boss, so when you would like to do this, just sit down with your friends and watch the classic 9 to 5 instead.

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