An Innocent Teen Gets Blamed For An Alien Abduction In Outsiders

We have a new exclusive clip for the sci-fi thriller Outsiders ahead of its release on March 11. From Vertical Entertainment, the film follows a Black teenager looking to prove his innocence when he’s wrongfully blamed for a classmate’s disappearance. Our exclusive clip, which you can watch below, picks up with the police getting involved shortly after some kind of strange incident has apparently just unfolded.

The official synopsis for the movie reads: “When high school student Jaylen Brown finds himself under suspicion after his classmate disappears during a party, prejudice quickly begins to boil to the surface of his small southern town as all fingers point toward him. Working against the clock to clear his own name, he begins to unravel a massive web of secrets that all point to otherworldly forces at play. “


The sci-fi thriller, which was originally titled No Running and made its world premiere at Tribeca, stars Skylan Brooks (Empire), Shane West (A Walk To Remember), Taryn Manning (Orange Is the New Black), Clark Backo (Letterkenny), Zak Steiner (Euphoria), Rutina Wesley (True Blood), and Hart Denton (Riverdale).

Delmar Washington directs Outsiders using a script by Tucker Morgan. The film was produced by Eric B. Fleischman of Defiant Studios and Maurice Fadida of Kodiak Pictures. Executive producers were Jan McAdoo, Sylvain Gehler, Victor Shapiro, and Raphael Swann.

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Washington has talked about using the film to touch on modern-day racial tensions in America. The hope is that this story will help start a dialogue to help bring people together. What exactly Washington means by that will require watching the film which the team is very eager to see happen imminently.

“I hope Outsiders will inspire audiences to expand the dialogue on racial tensions in America and how together, we can unite over a common ground, “Washington previously said in a statement.” As the director, I’m beyond grateful to be patterning with Vertical to bring this film to the masses. ”

Vertical Entertainment’s Rich Goldberg added: “More than just a sci-fi thriller, Outsiders shows how the bonds of family and friendship are tested when the inconceivable happens and there’s nowhere left to run. The emotionally charged performances by the entire cast are what originally drew us to the story and are sure to keep viewers breathless with anticipation. ”

“I based a lot of the story on my own experiences,” screenwriter Tucker Morgan told StarryMag. “I was adopted and grew up in a very white community, a very white state. Initially, when I was creating this concept, I found myself asking questions about situations that I’ve been in, in the past. For example, in this story, if I had been at a party and I left the party with a girl, and the girl went missing, what would happen to me? “

Morgan added, “And I’m also a sci-fi nerd, so at the time I was reading a New York Times article about what percentage the US believes there’s aliens, and it was really high. That sort of turned into this story. After watching the film Get OutI felt that I could inject a sci-fi thriller with a social commentary and underlying messages in a similar waythat would make this type of story more accessible to all audiences. “

Outsiders will be released in theaters and on VOD on March 11, 2022. Along with our exclusive clip above, you can also check out the official trailer for the film below, courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

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