Blade Reported to Make MCU Debut in Werewolf by Night Special

The voice of Blade may have been featured in Eternals, but it seems he is now set to debut in an upcoming Halloween Special.


There are many pieces currently moving into place in the MCU, more than at any other time in the franchise’s history, so it’s not surprising that there is always something new being reported for upcoming characters. A lot of attention is being given to the supernatural contingent of Marvel Comics, with Moon Knight set to debut this month and Werewolf By Night expected to be appearing in a Halloween special on Disney +. New reports by The Cosmic Circus have now suggested that Blade will be making his first MCU appearance in the flesh with the latter of these two characters.

Marvel fans were surprised by the vocal debut of Blade in the post credit scene of Eternalswhen the voice of Mahershala Ali was heard warning Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman about the power of the Ebony Blade. There is no release date scheduled for Blade’s debut movie; it is expected that it will fall into one of the vacant slots at the end of 2023 or in 2024. With this in mind, the debut of Blade in the Halloween special featuring Werewolf by Night would make sense both for its timing and the connections it could make between the new boys of the MCU’s growing cast.


While there are many connections between the supernatural fraternity of the Marvel comic book world, there are a few that seem to lend themselves to the idea of ​​Blade and Werewolf by Night crossing paths very soon. One strong link is to the Darkhold, the magical book seen in Wandavision that could play an essential role in the future of Scarlett Witch and the entire MCU. In the lore of Marvel, The Darkhold is responsible for the creation and destruction of werewolves and vampires and featured in one of the many Midnight Sons crossover events featuring the characters. There is also the rumored casting of Laura Donnelly as Vampire by Night in the special, which again would provide a reason for vampire hunter Blade to drop in on proceedings.

Marvel is Putting a Lot of Faith Into the Darker Side of the MCU


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is already being touted as the MCU’s first horror movie, and Moon Knight has also been set up as one of the more boundary-pushing entries in the franchise. With other characters such as Blade and Werewolf by Night also on the horizon, Marvel seem to be willing to bring out some of the darkest corners of their comic books as they move towards Phase 5 in the coming years.

According to the most recent updates, Werewolf by Night is set to start filming this month and Blade’s movie will get cameras rolling in summer. This means that the supernatural beings of the MCU are coming out to play, and they will clearly have an integral part to play in the future of the franchise, with Blade seeming to be dipping into a number of other storylines like a younger all-seeing , vampire version of Nick Fury.

How all of this comes together is still very much up in the air, but with The Darkhold sure to be featured in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich Disney CEO Bob Chapek hinted will pull together parts of the MCU in unexpected ways, it is safe to say we are way beyond the Endgame now.

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Marvel’s Blade Director Speaks on the Importance of Wesley Snipes’ Original Version

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