Giancarlo Esposito Set to Lead New AMC Series The Driver

Better Call Saul comes to an end on AMC this summer, but the network is not done with Giancarlo Esposito. Per The Hollywood Reporterit has just been announced that the actor will star in and executive produce The Driver for AMC and AMC +. This marks the third collaboration for Esposito and AMC after the actor was featured in both Breaking Bad and its spinoff series, Better Call Saulboth of which have earned tremendous critical acclaim.

The Driver follows a cabbie (Esposito) whose life is turned upside down when he agrees to chauffeur a New Orleans-based Zimbabwean gangster notorious for exploiting undocumented immigrants at ports in the southern United States. The series is based on a David Morrissey-led 2014 BBC miniseries from Danny Brocklehurst and Jim Poyser. Esposito got involved with the American adaptation as he was a fan of the BBC version. Brocklehurst and Sunu Gonera created this new take on The Driverwhich is produced by AMC Studios in association with A + E Studios and Thruline Entertainment.


“I am over the moon excited, enthusiastic and inspired to be in collaboration with the stellar network and creative team of AMC,” Esposito said in a statement. “Thanks for believing in me. It’s great to be back home! ”

Gonera added, “It’s surreal to be at this point. This whole journey started as a simple conversation four years ago in my manager Josh Kesselman’s living room when he said, ‘Giancarlo is keen to play an everyman as his next role. There’s a British show he loves called The Driver. Would you watch the pilot and see if you could come up with a take you both could get excited about? ‘ Um, would I? You had me at Giancarlo and everyman. ”

Theo Travers will serve as showrunner for The Driver, with Gonera directing the first episode. Esposito, Gonera, Brocklehurst, and Travers will also executive produce the series along with Thruline’s Kesselman and Danny Sherman, A + E Studios head Barry Jossen, and executive VP creative affairs Tana Jamieson. The project is set for a 2023 release on AMC and AMC +.

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to be working with AMC on this bold reimagining of my UK miniseries,” Brocklehurst noted in the statement. “Sunu Gonera and Theo Travers have both brought superb original voices to the premise and I am thrilled to be going on this ride with them.”

Travers also said, “I could not be more excited to help bring this show to life. I’ve been a fan of Giancarlo’s work since Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. It’s a true honor to have the chance to collaborate with him in this way. The Driver is a high-voltage, dark identity quest for an everyman trying to find renewed purpose in his life. ”

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Giancarlo Esposito Will First Say Farewell to Gustavo Fring

Better Call Saul

Fans are preparing for the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul, which will be debuting in April. The show will bring an end to Giancarlo Esposito’s run as Los Pollos Hermanos manager and drug kingpin Gustavo Fring, a role he first played on Breaking Bad. Though Gustavo’s story will soon be over, AMC clearly wanted to do a lot more with Esposito.

“Giancarlo is a singular talent who is already beloved by AMC viewers through his standout performances in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We are excited to be continuing his relationship with AMC and AMC + in a series built around him and an unforgettable character who takes what he thinks is a straightforward job opportunity and finds himself confronted with a world that tests him in ways he could never have imagined, “said Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Network.

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