Here Are the Top 5 Moments of The Batman

*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Batman. ***

Robert Pattinson arguably earned critics’ trust after starring in awards-caliber films, such as The Lighthouse and Good Time. Along with the versatile English actor, The Batman also stars Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Colin Farrell as Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon. Co-written by Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) and Peter Craig, the film picks up two years into Batman’s life as a Gotham City crime-fighter as a serial killer known as the Riddler targets the city’s elites, including Bruce Wayne.

The Batman has proven to be a smash hit at the box office with a total haul of $ 128.5 million, the second-highest opening of any film during the pandemic era behind only Spider-Man: No Way Home. This follows Friday’s $ 57 million haul, which included $ 21.6 million in previews and fan screenings in IMAX theaters in the days before. There had been some concerns at Warner Bros. that the nearly three-hour runtime and the higher ticket prices would deter turnout, but that is clearly not the case.

Again, watch out for SPOILERS BELOW as we take a deeper dive into specific moments throughout the hit film. For those who have seen the nearly three-hour super-noir, here are some of the finest scenes that portray the film’s principal cast in peak form. An honorable mention before our top five might be the opening scene, where a suspenseful montage shows a variety of criminals “chickening out” on doing their respective deeds because they fear the Caped Crusader’s presence in the shadows (even if he wasn’t actually there ). Here are the top 5 moments of The Batman.

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5 Alfred Helps Bruce Decode the Riddler’s Cypher

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“The artistry that is in this movie, the level of precision that is in the design and cinematography – it’s a piece of art, but also a story that speaks to millions of people,” said Alfred actor Andy Serkis to The Hollywood Reporter. Serkis brings a unique charm, wit and heart to the role of Mr. Pennyworth. It’s particularly fun seeing him get in on the action, helping Bruce Wayne at home decode certain cryptic messages left by Dano’s Riddler as the plot progresses. A standout scene was when Bruce enters Alfred’s room to find Alfred has already been busy at work decrypting the central villain’s latest crime scene offering. We can not help but cheer for Alfred from our comfy seat in the movie theater.

4 Gordon Helps Batman Escape the Police Precinct

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Giving us a taste of the relationship between Batman and Gordona clip was released before The Batman‘s opening showing The Dark Knight discussing his suspicions over some members of Gordon’s Gotham PD colleagues – colleagues whom Batman believes may be working for The Penguin. After a whispered chat, The Batman suddenly punches Gordon to the ground before fleeing from the rest of the cops.

The punch was filled with nothing but love and respect, however. In the moments leading up to the blow, Jeffrey Wright’s Gordon is pretending, in front of his colleagues, to be confronting Batman about his controversial vigilante tactics. In actuality, Gordon is whispering to the Caped Crusader a plan on how he can escape the police station without being caught by the hostile officers giving them the death stare. It’s a fun dynamic that was also effectively highlighted during Christopher Nolan’s past films between Gary Oldman’s Gordon and Christian Bale’s Batman. In fact, Wright recently took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of himself and Oldman in celebration of stepping into the role.

3 Catwoman Saves Batman’s Life

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Zoe Kravitz has produced some proud parents with her acclaimed performance as Catwoman. Kravitz has been heaped with praise from fans and critics alike, but one person who was sure to make his voice heard was her father, Lenny Kravitz, who expressed his pride through a Twitter statement following the film’s release.

But back to the film itself: in its climactic third act, Batman closes in on the villains at hand but must first work his way through the henchmen – standard fare for any action film. After previously hinting to Pattinson’s Batman that she might skip town (Gotham) to do her own thing, Catwoman then reappears in a surprise attack on one the menacing foes busy brutalizing the Caped Crusader. It’s a heroic moment where the woman superhero gets to save the life of a more central hero in this tale.

Speaking in an interview with EWPattinson recently explained how the dynamic between The Bat, The Cat, and The Penguin in The Batman will have a profound effect at large on Bruce Wayne’s perceptions of what makes a good guy and a bad guy. The unspoken connection between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne and the similarities in both their upbringing and their desire to run around in costumes will open Wayne’s eyes to a much more complicated world of heroes and villains.

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2 Batman and Penguin’s Epic Car Chase Scene

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“I got him! I got him!” For anyone who’s seen the trailer (even if you have not experienced the actual film yet), we all know there’s a moment during The Batman where Penguin thinks an explosion seen in his rearview mirror has caused the Caped Crusader’s demise. The portly villain then realizes his mistake, rather quickly, as the Batmobile emerges from the flames. Not surprisingly, this epic chase sequence in general is one of the best moments of the film. That epic camera angle that captures the inside of Penguin’s car as it spins helplessly through the air really highlights Reeves’ talent as a visionary director.

If it hadn’t been announced beforehand that Colin Farrell was playing Penguin in The Batman, most filmgoers would have had no idea it was him in the role of Oswald Cobblepot. In the film, Farrell looks completely unrecognizable as the Gotham City supervillain, thanks to hours spent each day in the makeup chair. The character is a bit of a scene-stealer despite his limited screen time, and many fans feel that the look conceived for Penguin in this film is perfect.

Making Farrell look this way was not the original plan, however. Speaking about Farrell’s casting in a new interview with Variety, director Matt Reeves shared the full story behind the actor’s Penguin look. It was Farrell’s acting ability that got Reeves’ attention, but when they met to discuss the film, Reeves observed that Farrell had recently gained weight for a separate film role. This got to thinking about what else they could do for Farrell’s appearance in The Batman. Also recognizing Farrell to be a scene-stealer, Reeves recently told the Toronto Sun that he knew he had to make a spinoff series that expanded upon Penguin’s story. It is now in development at HBO Max along with other planned spinoffs, though the Penguin series was originally thought of as The Batman 2.

1 The Riddler Meets Joker in Prison

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For a few months now, it has been questioned who Eternals star Barry Keoghan would be playing in The Batman. With the film now in cinemas, it has finally been revealed who the mystery prisoner he plays actually is. He was rumored to be appearing in The Batman quite a few months ago and was allegedly playing a former partner of Commissioner Gordon. However, as the trailer for the movie dropped, it was confirmed that Keoghan would definitely be in the movie. Still, his role remained a mystery until a cast listing included the Irish actor as “Unseen Prisoner.” Now the movie is out, and so is the secret of precisely who that unseen prisoner is, and as previously rumored, it turns out to be the latest iteration of Batman’s nemesis, the Joker.

Speaking with IGN, The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed some hugely intriguing details regarding the look of Keoghan as the newest iteration of iconic villain The Joker. According to Reeves, his take on the DC character will harken back to the 1928 silent film that influenced the Joker in the first place, that of Conrad Veidt’s Gwynplaine in The Man Who Laughs.

“In the scene that you’ll see in the future, you’ll see that we worked on what he looked like. And he’s held in this very suspenseful way, away from you visually. But I wanted to create an iteration of him that felt distinctive and new, but went right back to the roots. So he’s very much out of the Conrad Veidt mold and that idea of ​​the silent film of The Man Who Laughs. “

Instead of wearing makeup or having scars to create that terrifying smile, Barry Keoghan’s Clown Prince of Crime is instead cursed with a permanent, teeth-displaying grin as a result of a congenital disease.

One the film’s final scenes shows Joker and Riddler, sitting in adjacent cubicles, laughing maniacally at a riddle shared, this time, by Joker himself. It could not be creepier, which makes it all the more fun in terms of setting up future installments and spinoffs. It’s exciting to ponder what Reeves, Pattinson, Kravitz, and other fan-favorites have in store for the DC Universe.


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