Moments That Made Euphoria Season 2 So Memorable

Missing Euphoria already? So are we. Debuting in 2019, the popular HBO original series has already become a cult classic among fans. The show has received rave reviews and ranked millions of viewers every episode. The season 2 finale drew in nearly 6.6 million viewers, and Euphoria is the second most-watched program behind Game of Thrones. The series has also taken social media by storm, becoming one of the most tweeted about shows of the decade.

The series follows Rue Bennet, played by Zendaya, our favorite unreliable narrator, and a group of high school students who trek through their experiences with identity, trauma, drugs, family, friendships, love, and more. Aside from Zendaya, this ensemble cast includes Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard, Angus Cloud as Fezco, Eric Dane as Cal Jacobs, Alexa Demie as Maddy Perez, Jacob Elordi as Nate Jacobs, Barbie Ferreira as Kat Hernandez, Nika King as Leslie Bennett, Storm Reid as Gia Bennet, Hunter Schafer as Jules, Algee Smith as Christopher McKay, Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard, Colman Domingo as Ali Muhammed, Javon “Wanna” Walton as Ashtray, and new addition, Dominic Fike as Eliot.


From love triangles and friendship spats to Rue’s up and down battle with addiction – this season had its fair share of memorable moments. Here are some of the moments we can not forget from HBO’s Euphoria Season 2.

Introduction to Fezco


In episode one, kicking off the second season, viewers finally get to know the backstory behind one of Euphoria’s of favorites, Fezco (Fez), portrayed by Angus Cloud. We learn Fez was taken in as a child by his grandmother, who introduced him to the drug trade. Throughout his life, we see Fez take more and more responsibility, particularly when Ashtray, his beloved sidekick and right-hand man, was dropped at his doorstep as a baby. Then later, when his grandmother gets sick, he has to take over the family business.

Cal Jacob’s Backstory

Euphoria Cal Jacobs Eric Dane

Season two also opened the door for fans to learn the backstory behind one of the show’s most hated characters, Cal Jacobs. In episode three, we see Cal struggle with a budding attraction to his high-school wrestling teammate and best friend Derek while dating his future wife, Marsha. Eventually, he does make his feelings known, and Derek reciprocates, but things are brought to a screeching halt when Marsha reveals that she is pregnant, forcing Cal to repress how he truly feels.

The Many Love Triangles

Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and Barbie Ferreira as Cassi, Maddy and Kat in Euphoria

Love was going around this season, with no shortage of love triangles. Despite Maddy and Nate being broken up, we see them struggle to let the relationship go. Things become even more complicated when Nate begins a secret affair with Maddy’s best friend, Cassie. Not only was Cassie her best gal pal, but she is also the ex-girlfriend of Christoper McKay, Nate’s best friend. In episode five, things finally come to a head when Rue finally reveals that Nate and Cassie have been intimate during an intervention staged for her at Lexi and Cassie’s house.

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Aside from the Maddy-Cassie-Nate drama, we see as Rue’s addiction drags her further and further down, the fractures once again begin to show in her and Jules’ relationship. After reconciling at the beginning of the series, Rue and Jules seem to be on the right track until the introduction of the newly added Elliot, portrayed by Dominic Fike. Things quickly become complicated after Elliot reveals his attraction to Rue and Jules.

Eventually, Eliot and Jules get intimate, but only after he confesses to Jules that Rue is, in fact, not sober and has been doing drugs with him. While devastated, Jules sleeps with him anyway. It’s never clear if Rue finds out about the indiscretion, but it’s definitely something fans will not forget.

Rue’s Struggle with Addiction

Zendaya as Rue in special Episode 1,

After relapsing at the end of the first season, fans watch Rue delve deeper and deeper into her addiction. From making a how-to video for gaslighting her younger sister, Gia, so she can keep her drug use hidden to getting into physical fights with her mom, Leslie, this season leaned into how addiction can affect you and those around you. Rue eventually makes a deal with the devil, with the creepy schoolteacher turned drug dealer, Laurie, to keep her drug habit going.

After a failed intervention attempt at her house, Rue does the only thing she knows how to do – she runs. Episode 5 follows Rue confronting her family and friends after Jules confesses to her mother that Rue is back on drugs, prompting her to destroy Rue’s drug stash. Throughout the night, we see her flee to Howard’s residence, only to be met with another intervention that she then also runs away from. Later, Rue burglarizes a home before landing at the doorstep of Laurie. Still owing Laurie several thousand dollars, she insinuates that she can sell her body to pay off her debts.

Only after this does Rue begin her road to recovery and redemption. After recovering from her withdrawal, we even see her reconcile with her old friends, including Ali. Rue stays sober throughout the remainder of the season, opening up the idea that season three will detail how she struggles with her sobriety.

Lexi Howard’s “Our Life” Play

Euphoria Season 2 Our Life Play

In Episode 7, we finally see the long-anticipated “Our Life” performed for East Highland students, parents, and faculty. The play is written by Lexi and based on the lives of the show’s characters. It goes between the present and past, depicting significant events from Lexi’s perspective: Rue’s father’s wake and her descent into drugs; Cassie going through puberty; Rue’s and Lexi’s friendship; Lexi’s relationship with her father; Cassie’s and Maddy’s friendship; and Maddy’s and Nate’s relationship.

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The theater performance ends with one of the season’s best moments. Nate’s character, played by Ethan, and other male students work out suggestively to a rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Ashtray’s Death

euphoria cast ashtray

This was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments of the second season for fans. In the series finale, the beloved Ashtray, portrayed by Javon “Wanna” Walton, dies after engaging in a shoot-out with the police. Authorities raided the house in connection with Mouse’s murder, Fez’s ex-drug supplier, that Ashtray killed at the beginning of the season.

After realizing that Custer, Mouse’s former assistant, was a police informant, he stabs him in the neck, killing him, with the police right outside. Fez then suffocates Custer to keep him quiet as he dies and submerges his phone in a drink. He then tries to get Ashtray to surrender to the police, allowing him to take the case for Custer’s murder. Instead, Ashtray locks himself in the bathroom and begins a full shoot-out with police, eventually killing him and arresting a wounded Fez.


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