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Every Actress Auditioning to Play Madonna in Her Biopic (& the Roles That Prove They Deserve the Part)

The Madonna biopic is one of the most talked about upcoming movies – and for good reason. A singer, dancer, director, and actress, Madonna is an icon in music, movies, and pop culture history. Considering the fact that musical biopics have been a steady stream of critical and commercial success for major studios – from biopics about Black music icons to ones like Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody – it’s no wonder that Madonna’s life and career is being adapted for the big screen.

Ever since it was first announced that Madonna herself would be directing the movie and co-writing the script with Diablo Cody, the best of today’s young actresses have clamored for an audition for the role. Names like Florence Pugh and Julia Garner are in contention for the role. What’s more, reports of the grueling “Madonna Boot Camp” these hopefuls have had to go through have kept the film in the public eye. All of these women have fantastic careers thus far, and playing Madonna would be just another success to add. With a mix of singers and actresses going for it, there’s a lot of talent on show. As such, here’s every known actress auditioning to play Madonna in her biopic and the roles they’ve previously played that prove they deserve the part.

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7 Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha cites Madonna as one of her major influences in her music career, so it makes sense that she would be auditioning for the role. As the least experienced actress on this list, we believe she still shows a lot of promise in her role as Tempe Tina in the recent comedy film, Queenpins. As a computer hacker assisting the protagonists in their scheme, Rexha is eccentric and fun – perfect for the pop icon who has often been described the same way. We would love to see this energy on-screen again, and such a defining role would be excellent for Rexha, especially as a Madonna fan.

6 Sky Ferreira

Aside from having a successful music career, Sky Ferreira is auditioning for Madonna. Despite her limited dialogue in this part, we think Ferreira’s role in The Green Inferno is proof enough of her suitability to play Madonna in the upcoming biopic. As world-weary best friend Kaycee, she delivers cutting lines and is a scene-stealer throughout. This spunky energy is something that could easily transfer into the role of the material girl herself, and as a less experienced actor compared to some others on this list, it would be refreshing to see her make her big screen return into such a well known leading role!

5 Emma Laird

This Mayor of Kingstown star is also going through the audition process for the role, and with her stunning performance as Iris, we think she’d be a good fit. Emma Laird’s dramatic performance was a standout of the entire series as Iris deals with some heavy trauma and manages to come out on the other side as the same strong woman she always was. As the Madonna biopic is expected to cover some dramatic parts of the singers’ life, Laird would transition seamlessly from Iris to the cultural icon that is Madonna, and she is a strong contender for the part.

4 Julia Garner

It is not just Julia Garner‘s look and uncanny resemblance to Madonna that makes her an ideal candidate for the Madonna biopic – it is her role as Ruth Langmore in the Netflix crime drama Ozark that also stands out. Ruth is a smart woman with ambitions above her station, much like the real life Madonna before she got her start. Garner’s acting in Ozark was outstanding, and earned her several awards. In her youth, Madonna was incredibly intelligent, but also rebellious, which is what Garner does best with the role of Ruth. We’d love to see her bring the energy of Ruth Langmore to the role of Madonna, and this role is the perfect example of why. Not to mention her performance as Anna Delvey in Netflix’s Inventing Annawhich proves Garner’s capabilities of being able to play a real-life person.

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3 Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh is another Madonna hopeful, and it is her performance as Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women that proves she would be perfect for it. While Amy may seem worlds away from Madonna at first glance, the two have surprising similarities. As Amy, Pugh portrayed both the childlike fun side of the character and the dignified woman who does what needs to be done. As a woman in the industry, Madonna has had to play both of these sides to be as successful as she has been, which is why Pugh would be the perfect Madonna: the balance between her shamelessly fun music career and the businesswoman behind the music is likely to be a vital part of the biopic, which Pugh would manage with ease!

2 Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is just one of the Euphoria stars up for the role. But outside of her fantastic performance as Cassie Howard, it is her role in short-lived Netflix hidden gem comedy series Everything Sucks! that makes us believe she’d suit the role of Madonna. Aside from the fantastic aesthetic of the 1990s set sitcom, Sweeney had a lot to offer in this role, which could be brought to Madonna. As Emaline, there was just enough sensitivity to balance out the hard edge of her character, something that could be interesting to see brought to the role of Madonna. For example, Emaline cares a lot about falling in love, but is reluctant to say so, which makes for a tender storyline. Sweeney has a knack for playing characters with harsh exteriors to hide their sensitive insides, especially in Emaline, and that would bring a whole new dimension to the pop sensation.

1 Alexa Demie

Alexa Demie is the other Euphoria star up for the part, and her sheer confidence as Maddy Perez makes it easy to see why. As Maddy, Demie took control of the screen in both seasons of the hit HBO drama, and has become a fan favorite due to her standing up to the likes of Nate Jacobs. Madonna is a big role, which requires a lot of confidence to perfect, and Demie has this down perfectly. Maddy Perez is a strong, intelligent woman who knows what she wants and will do anything to get it, and it is this power we think would fit Madonna perfectly. We’d love to see her bring this energy to the silver screen, to bring the material girl closer to the fans.

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