Logan Star Stephen Merchant Wants to Return as Caliban in the MCU

The Office co-creator Stephen Merchantwho played X-Men character Caliban in the Wolverine movie Logan in 2017, alongside Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Richard E. Grant, is ready for his character to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Merchant spoke to Newsweek ahead of the launch of his new comedy-drama, The Outlawsarriving at Prime Video on April 1st, 2022. Now that Marvel has been acquired by The Walt Disney Company, many of the X-Men and Marvel characters owned by 21st Century Fox are legally allowed to join the MCU, allowing Merchant to join too . Logan was Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine. Although it was also supposed to be Stewart’s last performance as Charles Xavier / Professor X, he’s already been confirmed to be reprising the role in Marvel Studios upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


“To have done things like [Logan] and to have really enjoyed the challenge of it is stimulating, “Merchant said about his character Caliban, who had a tendency to talk in the third-person, but proved to be a very helpful aid to Logan and an ailing Professor X.

Initially Caliban works as a tracker for the Transigen Project and helps them hunt down the few mutants that remain alive (their secondary objective is to hunt down Laura / X-23, along with the other mutant children and kill them); however, he eventually sees the horror of his ways and goes into hiding with Logan. In exchange for shelter and protect in Mexico, Caliban often puts himself at risk to care for Xavier.

Ultimately, he sacrifices himself to save Logan, Laura, and Xavier from being caught by the Transigen Project’s trackers. However, at the end of the movie, Caliban’s charred body is seen in a gym, and Transigen’s lead scientist is seen saving tissue from his body for future experiment due to his tracking ability and intellect. Thus, Merchant does not see his death as an excuse to stop him from joining Stewart in Disney’s MCU, especially with all the prequels and new universes that Marvel Studios is playing with as of late.

“A prequel series, perhaps?” Merchant told Newsweek. “I would happily consider that because I really enjoyed that process because it was something different.”

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Stephen Merchant Enjoyed Time with Richard E. Grant

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Merchant also told Newsweek that some of his favorite moments on set were in the makeup chair. Merchant’s Logan character Caliban was completely bald and had silver skin. “Having this four-hour makeup job was fascinating, but it still became frustrating,” Merchant recalled.

Another favorite moment from the Logan set was the time he spent with Classic Loki star Richard E. Grant. He recalled, “There was a moment where me and Richard E. Grant were stuck in Natchez, Mississippi, and there’s a thing called weather cover in big productions, where they keep you around in case it rains ,, and they can shoot a scene indoors. I fully understand that’s part of the job, but because Richard and I were stuck in this full time, we never saw anybody. “

“So just me and Richard Grant, and we’d never met each other before, and suddenly we’re living in each other’s pockets for two weeks. Like an old married couple, we’d do a pub quiz and squabble over the answers ; we’d have dinner, breakfast with each other, it became like Waiting for Godot“Merchant added.

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