Samuel L. Jackson Can’t Believe He Doesn’t Hold Onscreen Profanity Record

Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson wants a recount after being told that he does not hold the record for most onscreen profanities spoken in feature films. For decades, Jackson has been known to play characters who do not hold back when it comes to the foul language, all the way down to the custom message his Pulp Fiction persona has embroidered on his wallet to the way he expresses his frustrations with snakes on a plane. He’s synonymous with swearing in movies, and it’s reasonable to believe he’s among the most foul-mouthed actors of all time.

Even so, Jackson is apparently not the current record-holder. On The Tonight Show, the actor was told by Jimmy Fallon that, according to a Buzz Bingo survey, there were actually two other actors who swore more often than him in movies. In the No. 1 spot according to the list is Jonah Hill with 376 profanities spouted out in movies with Leonardo DiCaprio close behind with 361 profanities, numbers they both no doubt increased exponentially by co-starring in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street.


That puts Jackson in third place on the list with 301 curse words spoken, putting him above Adam Sandler at 295 and Al Pacino at 255. Responding to the list on The Tonight Show, Jackson threw a flag as he was unwilling to believe that he was beaten by Jonah Hill. The Marvel Cinematic Universe mainstay said that someone must have miscounted the curse words somewhere along the line. Or if Jackson puts it:

“That’s some bull *** t. I mean, no. No, no way man. Jonah Hill, really? And Leo? That’s impossible, man. I do not believe that. Somebody has miscounted.”

In any case, Fallon and Jackson both agreed that Jackson is “the champ” when it comes to the curse word, the one particular word that Jackson is perhaps best known for, which they obviously can not repeat on NBC.

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Samuel L. Jackson Cleans It Up When He Needs To

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He might be known for his action-heavy filmography which has brought certain four-letter words from Jackson many times, though he’s able to clean it up for the right roles. He is not quite as foul-mouthed as Nick Fury in Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, nor could he be dropping F-bombs a Mace Windu in the Star Wars franchise. These roles are still among Jackson’s mot celebrated of his career, so it’s not that he needs to swear, but anyone who’s seen his R-rated work will agree that he’s among the best at doing it.

Later this month, Jackson will be honored with an honorary Academy Award at the Oscars ceremony along with Elaine May and Liv Ullman. Fans can also catch him in the upcoming Apple TV + series The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray as well as the Marvel series Secret Invasion which will put him back into the role of Nick Fury. He recently starred in the films The Protégé, Spiral: From the Book of Sawand Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

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