Joshua Jackson Says Fatal Attraction Series Is ‘More Terrifying’ Than the Film

Joshua Jackson will star in a Fatal Attraction series based on the film, but this new take will be a lot darker.

Dr Death

We can expect for the new Fatal Attraction series to be more disturbing than its source material. Previously, it was reported that Joshua Jackson (Peacock’s Dr. Death) and Lizzy Caplan (Hulu’s Castle rock) would be co-starring in a Fatal Attraction series in the works at Paramount +. The two will be taking on roles similar to that of Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in the 1987 thriller of the same name which followed a married man who has a weekend affair with a woman who becomes dangerously obsessed with him.

The original movie is rather dark, but it’s going to be worse in the new series. Speaking about what’s to come in the Fatal Attraction reboot with Variety, Jackson teased that it’s going to be a lot more horrifying this time around. He also reveals that the series will be showing more of the story from the woman’s point of view as well, which only adds to how “terrifying” the results turn out to be. As the actor explains:


“It’s a fresh take on that amazing film. What it does is, is it takes the story that we all know and it allows us to go into her perspective, to sort of balance out the gender roles, and understand her a little better . Which, in my reading of the scripts, makes it so much more terrifying, because you really have a full understanding of how broken a psyche can become. The scripts are really good, and I am very excited. “

Providing some more details on the characters, Jackson confirms that he and Caplan will be playing the same characters played by Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in the original. The big difference will be with how the story is told, as Jackson suggests that certain elements needed to be updated for the series to be better in line with today’s gender politics.

“It’s the same characters brought into the modern world and with a modern perspective on psychology, and obsession, and sexual depravity, and sexual obsession, and how those things happen. Rather than – and that movie is amazing – but if you watch it with a modern eye, gender politics do not really hold up very well. So the opportunity that we have is to really bring her character into the modern world and tell you the same story but really get inside of her psyche. “

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Fatal Attraction Was The Highest-Grossing Movie of 1987

fatal attraction
Paramount Pictures

We can presume that the original film’s success was what helped sway Paramount into rebooting Fatal Attraction for Paramount +. The film, released in 1987, grossed over $ 320 million against a budget of $ 14 million. This made it that year’s highest-grossing film of the year worldwide. It was also an darling awards with nominations for several Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress for Glenn Close, Best Supporting Actress for Anne Archer, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

The Fatal Attraction reboot is in development for Paramount + but it does not yet have an official release date.

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