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Rob Zombie Gives First Look Inside The Munsters Home in New BTS Images

Following the slightly surprising reveal that Rob Zombie’s The Munsters movie will be getting a PG rating, which will pitch the director into family-friendly territory for the first time, Zombie has been once again sharing new behind the scenes photos, this time showing the huge and extravagant inside of 1313 Mockingbird Lane. From the start, Zombie has stressed how much of a fan of The Munsters he is and how much it means to him to make this reboot of the franchise. That certainly comes across in the detailed sets being built for the project.

Shortly after announcing The Munsters, Rob Zombie announced that he wanted to make a faithful adaptation of the original 60s series. He has certainly gone all out to make sure that there is no expense saved when it comes to costumes and sets. Having constructed an entire Mockingbird Lane set from the ground up, Zombie has now shared several images showing the inside of The Munsters‘home, complete with ornate lighting, spooky furniture, an ancient-looking library and many other gothic touches that has some fans asking if they could live there once filming is over.


Zombie posted nine new images on his Instagram account, commenting, “Some random set construction happening today. These sets are going to be absolutely insane. ” Frequent Zombie collaborator, Jeff Daniel Phillips, who plays Herman Munster in the movie, certainly did not hold back in hyping up the team behind the set build by adding, “The Budapest Production Designer & her Art Department went so beyond expectations-just so detailed, lush & gothic, can not wait until audiences see their work! ”

The Munsters Reboot is in Safe Hands, and Rob Zombie’s Instagram Account Proves It

The Munsters Reboot Star Dan Roebuck Teases a Funny and Faithful Adaptation
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From the moment he first announced his dream project, Rob Zombie has been involving his followers every step of the way. Over the last few months, he has shared images of scripting work, set construction, costumes, wigs, and an image of the main cast in character. While there are a lot of moviemakers who try their hardest to keep everything about their films under wraps, Zombie’s approach could not be any further from the likes of Marvel Studios and its need to keep everything out of public sight.

The latest images have once again proved that there could be no better director working on the revival of The Munsters. Looking at the level of detail that has gone into the sets and knowing how much of a zombie fan is, there has to be a question of whether he is building this just for the movie or to keep for himself afterwards. It seems very hard to believe that someone who has put his heart and soul into making a perfect modern interpretation of the entire street of Mockingbird Lane would then be able to stand by and see it dismantled at the end of it.

The Munsters will star Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Daniel Roebuck, Richard Brake, Jorge Garcia, Cassandra Peterson, and former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy, and is expected to be released on streaming platform Peacock simultaneously with a cinematic release sometime next year.

Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at The Munsters Reboot Cast

Rob Zombie Reveals First Look at The Munsters Reboot Cast

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