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Courteney Cox Confirms Scream 6 Return: ‘I Got the Script’

The Ghostface saga will continue with Scream 6 (or is it Scream 2?) officially moving forward, and at least one legacy cast member will return once again. Courteney Cox has officially confirmed that she will be back as Gale in the upcoming sequel on an episode of the Just for Variety podcast. The actress also says she’s been sent the script, and although she has not yet read it, she says she’s “excited” to get going. Cox also revealed that the plan is to shoot the project starting in June.

“I got the script yesterday,” Cox said. “I have not read it yet, I just got it. I’m excited to read it, and I know they’re going to start filming … I think, in June, in Canada.”


In jest, Cox added, “I do not know if I’m supposed to say anything. Let me tell you the killer!”

Prior to this announcement, Cox had also teased Gale’s return. In February, she spoke about the positive experience she had in working on the fifth installment, which has now relaunched the franchise with an all-new series of films. Cox also believes that the late Wes Craven, who helmed the first four Scream movies before he passed away in 2015, would be proud of the work of Scream directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the pair who directed the new film.

“Does that mean I did not die? Okay, if I’m allowed to say that, of course,” Cox told “What a fun experience to have such a longstanding series of movies and this one just feels completely invigorated in a new way. And it’s a relaunch, not a fifth episode, whatever you call it … It’s a relaunch and the directors are incredible and I think Wes would be looking down and saying, ‘I’m so happy it’s Matt and Tyler.’ “

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Scream 6 Is Moving Forward, But Will Neve Campbell Return?

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It’s good news for fans that Courteney Cox is on board, but what about Neve Campbell? She seems to be a little more hesitant to climb on board, though she’s clearly open to the idea of ​​coming back for the sixth film. Campbell spoke about the possibility at Mad Monster Party and suggested that it will depend on how she feels about the script, which she had not yet seen.

“They have approached me,” Campbell said, per Halloween Daily News. “There’s no script yet. There is a draft coming in soon is what I was told. Actually, I was supposed to call a producer yesterday, because he wanted to talk to me about what’s going on. You know, we’ll see. I’ll read the script and see how I feel. ”

Perhaps Cox revealing that she’s just gotten the script means that Campbell will now have a chance to look it over as well. We’ll find out soon enough if she decides to join Cox once again for a sixth tussle with Ghostface. Scream 6 does not yet have an official release date but is expected to start filming in June.

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