Bella Thorne Wants to Join Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3

Bella Thorne is still holding out hope to play Lady Deadpool and is ready to join Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3.

Bella Thorne Lady Deadpool

Bella Thorne is keeping her fingers crossed for that call from Marvel Studios. For years, Thorne’s name has come up with fans doing fantasy casting online for different roles, though the actress herself has always been particularly fond of Deadpool. She has previously spoken about how much she’d love to join a live-action superhero movie universe like the MCU as she particularly enjoys playing these kinds of “badass” characters.

As it stands, a third Deadpool movie is in development with Ryan Reynolds teaming back up with director Shawn Levy for their third project together. This appeals to Thorne as she’s a particularly big fan of Deadpool, noting in the past that playing a live-action Lady Deadpool would be a dream role for her. In a new interview with ComicBookMovie, Thorne again addressed her desire to come into the MCU, perhaps as Lady Deadpool. She also makes it clear that she’s available for Deadpool 3 and it just waiting for Marvel to give her a call.


“Yes, superheroes are definitely fun. I love action stuff, naturally, and I do a lot of action stuff with stunts and whatnot. It’s just always really fun on set and it breaks up the work day when you get to concentrate on the body and feel and how to perform not just using your voice. That’s always really fun for me. Deadpool is my favorite. It’s so raunchy and, hello, who does not love Ryan Reynolds? He just f *** ing nails that role to the floor … What I love about Deadpool is that realism mixed with the, you know, superhero world. It’s something where we feel we can talk to this superhero now in today’s day while still having them be a superhero. I love that s ***. Like, The Boys? Love that TV show. “

When informed that Deadpool 3 is officially happening, Thorne added this response.

“Guys! I’m here. Where are you at?”

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Lady Deadpool Is Bella Thorne’s Dream Role

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been gunning for the Lady Deadpool role for years. Back in 2016, she expressed how much she was up for coming into the superhero world this way in an interview with MovieFone.

“I’d be so down to play like a badass Marvel character. Any type of badass female in live-action … I also like playing roles that are very rebellious and real. So it’s good when you really show teenagers for how they actually act and how they actually talk. Honestly, if I could just play a female version of Deadpool – any character that’s a female version of Deadpool – I’m so down! “

Time will tell if we see Thorne in Deadpool 3 or elsewhere in the MCU, but there are other places for her fans to catch her. After appearing in recent films like Masquerade, Habitand Time Is UpThorne can now be seen in the new movie Measure of Revenge. She also stars in the Prime Video series Paradise City which debuted on the streamer last year.

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