Does the MCU Character Have Powers?

Disney has been on fire since the inception of Disney + back in late 2019. The smash-hit series The Mandolorian practically launched the streamer into the stratosphere and revitalized the Star Wars universe in a way no one expected. The momentum continued with the series based on less popular Marvel heroes. No one had very high expectations of WandaVision when it started and were left stunned and begging for more after its success. The massive acclaim that followed the following line of shows elevated their titular heroes in ways the movies could not while also advancing the Phase 4 narrative within the MCU. Now fans eagerly await the arrival of Moon KnightMarvel’s first introductory series for a hero.


Moon Knight isn’t a well-known individual of the casual superhero fan, but diehard Marvel followers have been clamoring for the hero in white for years now. Not very much is known about him, but his story will be told starting March 30th. To prepare for the mentally challenged crime fighter, we have here some need-to-know information. What kind of powers does Moon Knight have, how did he acquire them, and how does he measure up to other MCU standouts?

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Does Moon Knight Have Powers?

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Marc Spector grew up training to be a heavyweight boxer, but became a Marine instead, then a mercenary for hire when his time in the corps ended. Post making a life-saving pact with Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, his skills were only amplified by the various personas he would find himself under. The ability that will likely be his most significant in the Disney + series is the ability to switch between different personalities, each with their own skill sets and talents. Two of these can be seen in the images of this article. First, the Moon Knight identity itself is a separate personality and not just Spector behind a mask. Then there’s the suited form named Mr. Knight, a sophisticated and well-spoken hero individual. Spector has also been known to form personalities based on different Avengers by copying their characteristics with special ankhs. Heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America, are impersonated to help him fight and solve problems using their move sets.

Another significant power of note, but one that may not be as recurring in the series, is the power of resurrection. Khonshu can bring Spector back from the dead as many times as necessary, thus making him functionally immortal. Then there’s superhuman strength, speed, and agility. He perfected these through years of training, but the power of Khonshu only amplifies them. However, his maximum potential varies based on the lunar cycle, being at his strongest on full moon nights.

Although not necessarily a superpower, one other attribute of note is his pain tolerance, a similarity he shares with fellow anti-hero The Punisher. Unless Frank Castle has suffered the inhuman pain of having vertebrates ripped out one by one, it’s safe to say that the white-clad vigilante can take more of a pounding. Other abilities over the years include necromancy, moon material manipulation, and prophetic visions. Spector has had so many unique abilities thanks to Khonshu, but it’s worth noting that the moon god has not always been the best ally. In fact, at times he may even resemble something of a captor. Spector lost his super strength in recent years due to going against the god’s wishes, and that’s not even the worst punishment he’s received for his disobedience.

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How Does Moon Knight Get His Powers?

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While working as a mercenary, Spector was hired by Raoul Bushman for a job, but the employer soon turned on Spector after murdering innocents. A fight between the two ended with Spector mortally wounded and Bushman escaping. Spector barely made it to the tomb of Khonshu, where he subsequently died at the feet of a statue in the god’s likeness. While in limbo, Khonshu offered the mercenary a choice: remain dead, or be resurrected as the god’s knight to defend the innocent travelers of the night. Spector accepted the deal, but it would come at the cost of his sanity, fracturing his mind into multiple personalities. It’s been explained more than once throughout the characters ‘comic history that his dissociative identity disorder resulted from his mind struggling to match the gods’ complex persona.

Khonshu granted Marc a mere sliver of his power, but that small portion made Spector into the hero fans have loved for the past 40 years and an on / off member of the Avengers and other significant hero alliances. The two continued to interact going forward as Spector acted as Khonshu’s agent of justice. However, despite his acceptance of the deal Khonshu offered, it has not exactly made them friends. Referring back to his ability to return from death, Khonshu is responsible for his demise at least once. When pushed to operate at his maximum potential, Spector responded less than enthusiastically to the request of his spiritual benefactor. As a result of this disobedience, Khonshu rematerialized a dead Bushman and had the visage of Spector’s nemesis kill him before resurrecting him, all to prove a point. This shows that if Khonshu finds no more use for the former mercenary, he could very well toss him aside and end their partnership.

How Strong is Moon Knight Compared to Other Heroes in the MCU?

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Moon Knight has mainly been more of an under-the-radar hero, choosing to work on the ground level despite his god-given power. He may be able to throw down with Captain America or Wolverine based on his skill set and by mimicking theirs. That being said, remember that his known powers only comprise just a tiny sliver of Khonshu’s power. At his current level, he may be able to hold his own against the best of the earth’s mightiest, but he could be unstoppable if Khonshu chose to double what he had already given him.

Moon Knight has beaten powerful heroes such as Ghost Rider, Thor, and Doctor Strange by absorbing their power during a story that saw him at his most powerful to date. He made a fool of Thor with his power to manipulate uru, moon material for which his hammer is made. No worthiness was needed to beat the thunder. With Khonshu’s full power, Moon Knight would likely be certified as a threat to the level of Thanos or The Pheonix Force. With his power levels being at that of the moon god’s choosing, Moon Knight is a man who should not be taken as lightly as he sometimes is. He has his flaws, but he’s a man the Avengers would want on their side.


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