Who is Sony’s First Woman-Led Marvel Movie Character?

Everyone’s favorite web-slinging hero Spider-Man has seen a lot of success as part of the MCU. The hero’s latest adventure, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was a massive hit, with many saying it’s the best Spider-Man film to date. Not only did it exceed fan’s expectations, but it opened the door to many possibilities as it was the first film to connect to other hero franchises. Every other universe with the famous wall-crawler was seamlessly connected to the MCU, and Marvel Studios seem to only be getting started as things are expected to get crazier in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Alongside the spectacular chaos in the MCU, Sony is continuing to expand its hero universe with Venom, Kraven the Hunter, Morbiusand perhaps most significantly, Madame Web. The Marvel character has been someone rumored to be making her way to the big screen for a while now, but it is no longer just speculation. While not much is known right now about Sony’s upcoming project, Dakota Johnson was cast as the leading character earlier this year – of course, which version Johnson will play is still a secret. On top of that, recently-cast Sydney Sweeney’s mysterious role remains to be seen. For now, the question remains: who is Madame Web, and what effect will she have across Sony’s Marvel universe?


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Is Madame Web a Hero or a Villain?

Marvel Comics

The only people to wear the spider on their chests and be considered villains typically tend to be individuals with symbiotes, such as Venom. Madame Web is both a hero and advisor, depending on which story she’s in. More accurately, whichever stories “they” are in. There have been two people to don the name of Madame Web, much like most comic heroes. The original was an elderly blind mutant named Cassandra Webb. Suffering from a chronic neuromuscular disease, she found herself confined to a life support system resembling a spider’s web built by her late husband. With the use of clairvoyant telepathy, she would aid Spider-Man in a way almost similar to Charles Xavier of the X-Men. Fascinated with the Madame Web name and character, Marvel wanted more stories focused on her, but saw the difficulties of focusing narratives on a woman bound to a chair. With this in mind, they gave Cassandra back her youth and sight, cured her of her ailments, and gave her immortality when she was caught in a Green Goblin-led ritual.

Able to do more than ever, she joined the crime-fighting scene while also continuing to mentor the third Spider-Woman, Mattie Franklin. Webb’s immortality and youth would not last long, however. Following a devastating event that saw 98% of the world’s mutants lose their powers, Cassandra would lose her youth and immortality and would later be killed helping Spider-Man and Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman, while facing off against the Kraven family The Hunter (but not before transferring her powers to Julia). Unfortunately, the transfer also cost Julia her sight. Given Julia’s younger age, it’s likely that Dakota Johnson will play the more youthful Madame Web in Sony’s upcoming film adaptation, although nothing is confirmed yet. We could see both versions of the hero, with the elder passing on her abilities to her younger successor.

Does Madame Web Have Powers?

Marvel Comics

Along with telepathy, Madame Web has other abilities such as clairvoyance and precognition, but what is possibly her most powerful attribute is her connection to something called the Web of Life and Destiny. It’s a mysterious force that reaches across the past, present, and future and across all universes. It’s essentially a force that holds the entire multiverse together. This sounds huge, and it is, especially in the current path of the MCU. What makes the Web interesting is that it holds all heroes with the powers of Spider-Man together. It’s the root of their power, in the comics at least. Because of the Web, Madame Web became aware of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, and it’s what allows her to be an ally and teacher of sorts before her untimely death at the hands of Kraven. Before gaining the powers of Madame Web, Julia was just another web-slinger like Peter. Still, based on the scope of the Web of Life and Destiny, it would seem that the transference of power from Cassandra skyrocketed Julia to one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe.

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Is She Connected to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

Sony / Marvel Studios

Based on the mere concept of the Web of Life and Destiny, and given that the MCU has interacted with the two Sony Spider-Man universes, it’s safe to say that it is very likely that Madame Web could be connected to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man . Some reports claim that Dakota Johnson’s coming portrayal is already being looked at as the Doctor Strange of Sony’s ever-growing universe. If the concept of the Web is, in fact, introduced into the Madame Web film, and it’s kept comic book accurate, then there would be nothing that keeps her from contacting Holland’s Peter if she feels she needs to. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness is set to bridge to other film universes, both seen and unseen. We already got a glimpse of Sir Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier in the trailer for the film. It may be unlikely that we’ll see Johnson’s character in the movie as she was just recently cast, but who’s to say that there will not be a connection. All doors are open as things stand in the worlds of Marvel heroes since now anything is possible.

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