‘The Multiverse Has Officially Opened’

Morbius is just over a week away from finally bringing Marvel’s living vampire to the big screen after numerous delays, and it’s not unfair to say that the longer we wait for the movie, the more confusing things seem to get. A new vignette released by Sony earlier today has not exactly cleared things up, with actor Jared Leto discussing how the “multiverse has opened,” as new rumors seem to suggest that all references to Spider-Man seen in the trailers are just misdirection.

Every delay for Morbius, including the last one that pushed the movie back from a January release to its current April 1 premiere date, has seemed to give Sony more time to throw a number of curveballs about exactly where in the world of Marvel the movie is set. Way back when the first trailer landed, everything seemed a lot simpler. Spider-Way: No Way Home had not brought the multiverse to Sony’s doorstep, and the expectation of potential crossovers with the MCU was not the norm. However, with the appearance of an image of Spider-Man, and the presence of Adrian “Vulture” Toomes from Spider-Man: Homecomingthings seemed to get a little more complication about where and when the film is set.


A new vignette featuring Jared Leto has again sparked speculation about where Morbius fits into the expanding Spider-Man Universe. As the film’s lead explains, “In the film version of Morbius, he’s part of a much larger universe. The multiverse has officially opened and there are all kinds of opportunities for villains to meet up. ” Of course, we already know that Toomes appears in the movie, but could we also see an appearance by Venom, and then there is Spider-Man to consider, which in turn leans into the question of who would be Spider-Man if that unlikely scenario played out?

The Sony Universe Has A Spider-Man But We Will Probably Not Find Out Which One Just Yet

Spider-Man References in New Morbius Trailer Leave Marvel Fans Excited and Confused

Although the trailer for Morbius teased Spider-Man’s presence in the movie, some rumors have suggested that those shots do not actually appear in the movie’s final cut, and Sony is simply pulling the kind of trick that Marvel Studios has perfected with the MCU trailers. That could mean that we may still be in for a bit of a wait to discover who will play the webbed-wonder in this particular universe, and it may not be anyone that fans expect.

Morbius director Daniel Espinosa recently confirmed that the universe the film is set in has a Spider-Man because it is all part of the world of Marvel. He said, “It’s very related to, if you remember, the alternative Seinfelds. You have a world where you have the same characters, and it’s ALL of the characters, but they are slightly different. ”

Jared Leto has expressed his desire to see both Venom and Spider-Man meet up with Morbius at some point, but as the Sony Universe is potentially leading up to a meeting of its growing number of villains and a face-off with the alter-ego of Peter Parker, it is not something that they are about to blow on a quick crowd-pleasing cameo. We now do not have too much longer a wait to finally see what secrets Morbius still has to give up when the film makes its long-awaited debut in cinemas next week.

Michael Keaton Confirms His Return as Vulture in Morbius

Michael Keaton Confirms His Return as Vulture in Morbius

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