Which Characters Should Make a Cameo?

Spoiler Warning: How I Met Your Father Season OneHow I Met Your Father just finished its first season, and it ended with a bang. Relationships were tested, choices were made, and characters from How I Met Your Mother appeared. How I Met Your Father is a spinoff of How I Met Your Mother, taking place in the same universe but during the present day. While the original show followed Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor; Bob Saget voiced Ted in 2030) as he recounts how he met his children’s mother, the spinoff follows Sophie (Hilary Duff; Kim Cattrall plays Sophie in 2050) as she recounts how she met her son’s father.

With the first season released, and a second season renewal for 20 episodes, viewers are wondering what’s next for the series. Season 1 ended with a cameo from one of the main characters from How I Met Your Mother. They gave Sophie some advice as she had to make a decision about her love life, and while that advice was sound, Sophie was too late. The cameo was fun to see and not the only one of the season, but it has led to speculation over who will make an appearance in the second season. Here are four characters that should make cameos in season 2.


Marshall Eriksen

how i met your mother marshall

There are various ways Marshall (Jason Segel) could make a cameo in season 2. It could be as simple as being the judge in a court case one of the How I Met Your Father characters has to attend to running into the cast in the woods while he searches for Bigfoot. Marshall has the opportunity to pop up anywhere, though hopefully not at MacLaren’s since there’s already been a cameo there. Marshall was arguably one of the best of the main cast of How I Met Your Motherbeing the center of some of the funniest storylines.

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While two ways Marshall could appear are above, there really are an infinite amount of ways to write Marshall in that would make sense. Maybe his and Lily’s (Alyson Hannigan) children go to school Drew (Josh Peck), one of Sophie’s love interests, works at as a vice principal. Maybe he appears on television in Sid’s (Suraj Sharma) bar as the acting judge on a well-publicized case. There are countless ways to incorporate him into the second season.


how i met your mother victoria

A cameo from Victoria (Ashley Williams), the season 1 turned season 8 love interest, could help parallel Sophie and Drew’s story while also giving fans another of Ted’s love interests. In How I Met Your Mother, the last the audience sees of Victoria is when she breaks off her relationship with Ted. While it is unclear what direction her life went, there are a few ways she could be written into How I Met Your Father that make sense.

The most obvious way is that she reopened her bakery in New York, and the cast ends up going there or ordering from her. This is an easy way to include the character that does not involve writing her into any storylines. If the writers wanted to mirror her introduction from How I Met Your Mothershe could be catering a wedding that Sophie is hired to photograph.

James Stinson

how i met your mother james

James Stinson (Wayne Brady), Barney’s older brother, would be a great character to make a cameo. In How I Met Your Father, we meet Ellen (Tien Tran), an Asian American lesbian freshly divorced in season 1. She’s having difficulty dating in New York, and who better to be her wingman than James. Though married, James could be a great wingman, maybe showing Ellen the best gay bars in the city to hit up. Who knows, maybe they even meet at a gay bar. It would be great to see James help Ellen through her rough patch.

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When How I Met Your Mother ended, James had reconciled with his husband after cheating on him, causing the couple to almost get a divorce. While viewers aren’t sure where James and his husband Tom (Jai Rodriguez) are in the present day, there’s hope that they are still together and raising their children. Like Marshall, maybe James’ children attend the school Drew works at. Perhaps they hire Sophie to take family portraits. There are a number of ways James and his family could appear in the next season, any of which would be a great way to include him.

Zoey Pierson

how i met your mother zoey

While we’ve already had cameos from Zoey’s (Jennifer Morrison) ex-husband The Captain (Kyle MacLachlan) and his (ex-) wife Becky (Laura Bell Bundy), Zoey has not come up. The shift in The Captain and Becky’s relationship in season 1 of How I Met Your Father provides the perfect opportunity for Zoey to make an appearance.

It makes the most sense if the series continues to show The Captain and Becky that Zoey could organically appear. She could also be written in connecting to something completely different. Maybe she’s protesting Sid’s bar, trying to have the building put on the historic register, or attending an art opening Sophie and her friends go to. Regardless of how she’s written in, Zoey and her activism would be a great addition to the second season.

There are countless characters viewers want to see make an appearance in How I Met Your Fatherbut these are the four that could be added in with little difficulty and could easily connect to the new characters.


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