Jennifer Tilly Confirmed To Be Returning For Chucky Season 2

After a successful first season, Chucky will be returning to screens again for another run of blood-filled episodes. Deadline has reported that Jennifer Tilly has been confirmed to be once again putting on the “inappropriate-for-her-age” short skirts and tight tops of Tiffany Valentine, much to the delight of fans. Having been a massive part of the Child’s Play franchise since 1998’s Bride of ChuckyTilly has since appeared in three sequels and the first season of the new spin-off series based around the murderous antics of the Good Guy doll possessed by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray.

Tilly has clearly been relishing her return as Tiffanyas in the lead-up to the first season’s premiere, and she revealed that starring in Chucky is one of the few times a woman of her age is allowed to dress outlandishly. Tilly revealed last year that she does not get offered many roles that allow her to wear a low-cut top and short skirt and do the kind of things that she can get away with as Tiffany. At the end of the first season of ChuckyTiffany’s killer doll form was seen hijacking a truck driven by original Child’s Play character Andy Barclay, and we can expect to see that and other storylines continuing when the show returns later this year.


While an attempt was made to reboot Child’s Play in 2019, with a brand new version of the evil doll being voiced by Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, but like the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street, fans were not exactly on board with the changes from the Chucky they know and love. When it was revealed that original creator Don Mancini was developing a TV show that would see the iconic version of Chucky, along with his voice actor Brad Dourif, back to cause more mayhem with plenty of familiar faces along for the ride, there was a strong sense that this could be a one-shot last huzzah for Chucky but the success of the show’s debut season has ensured that he is not done yet.

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Chucky Was Able To Delve Into The Character Of Charles Lee Ray More Than The Movies

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For Don Mancini, bringing Chucky to a long-form format allowed the director to spend a lot more time looking into the backstory of killer Charles Lee Ray, the murderer who possessed the Good Guy doll that became known as Chucky. Prior to the premiere of the first episode of the series, Mancini explained to Deadline that the show allowed him to finally tell the story he had wanted to for decades. He said:

“Exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origins has been something that fans have wanted to see and have been asking for literally for decades now. And one of the reasons I was excited about taking the franchise into the medium of television was because having so much storytelling real estate, eight hours of Chucky, that provided such a great opportunity for exploring that stuff, among other stuff. But, yeah, so one of the things I was most excited about doing with the show was exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origin. ”

Having now shown the history of the man who would become Chucky, the second season is all primed to once again bring its complete focus on the doll himself, and of course, his blonde female counterpart. Expect to see more information on what can be expected from Season 2, and who will be returning along with Dourif, Tilly, Alex Vincent and Fiona Dourif, as filming gets underway soon.

Bride of Chucky Star Jennifer Tilly Throws Shade at Child's Play Remake

Bride of Chucky Star Jennifer Tilly Throws Shade at Child’s Play Remake

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