Mystery Science Theater 3000 to Return with Season 13 on New Streaming Platform

Once again, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is making a comeback. The comedy series, which follows its hosts watching B-movies from years past along with their robot companions, has gone through many changes over the years after moving from one home to another. Years after its two-season run on Netflix in 2017, a new revival of MST3K is almost here, and it will stream on the new Gizmoplex platform. You can watch a trailer for the new episodes, which will make up the show’s season 13, below.

The MST3K revival comes after two Kickstarter campaigns put together to keep the franchise going. No longer dependent on other streamers and networks, the new version will air independently on the Gizmoplex app, which will be available through a website and various apps. This will include new episodes for season 13, along with special events and livestreams that will be introduced throughout the season.


There will be three hosts subject to the cheesiest B-movies that can be found this time around, as the revival stars Jonah Heston, Emily Connor, and original host Joel Robinson. With season 13, they’ll be hosting the first-ever Halloween special, as well as their first-ever 3D movie and a holiday special finale which will invite all three hosts to give it a riff. Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt, and Mary Jo Pehl also return as the mad scientists to trap the three humans. Hampton Yount, Kelsey Ann Brady, Baron Vaughn, Conor McGiffin, Rebecca Hanson, and Yvonne Freese are also back as the robot companions.

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Gizmoplex Will Make Classic Episodes Free to Watch for a Limited Time

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To help celebrate the revival’s launch, Gizmoplex will also stream every available classic episode of MST3K starting on May 6 entirely for FREE. That includes more than 100 episodes from the first ten seasons, which will be ad-free and free to watch for a limited time. For more, the Gizmoplex Season Pass will let fans have full access to an all-new MST3K episode or short every other week until the end of the year and includes 13 new episodes, 12 new short riffs, and 25+ livestream premieres and special events. If you’re not looking to commit to a new streaming service, the Gizmoplex will also offer tickets to all livestream events for $ 10 / each, with each new episode made available to own or rent one week after its livestream premiere.

The Gizmoplex will be available online as well as through brand-new apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon FireTV. The platform also includes beta access to a “super-retro point-and-click” Virtual Theater, bringing the “full cineplex experience into your home.” You can find out more about the streamer and the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival at

Launched in 1988 and created by Joel Hodgson, Mystery Science Theater 3000 made its debut on KTMA-TV in Minneapolis. It later moved to Comedy Central and Sci-Fi Channel, where it would go on for ten full seasons before going off the air. Netflix breathed new life into the franchise with two more seasons in 2017, bumping the total up to 12. Season 13 will premiere on May 6, 2022, on Gizmoplex.

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