The Godfather Buck Trailer Teases Horror Filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill’s Drama Debut

We have an exclusive trailer to premiere for The Godfather Buck ahead of its release in April. The trailer teases a story of a hunting adventure involving three siblings whose family secrets are uncovered during a week of huting white-tailed deer. You can watch the brand new trailer below.

The official synopsis for The Godfather Buck reads: “Two brothers, who meet once a year at a cabin in Big Bear to hunt white-tailed deer for a week, uncover hidden family secrets and lies when their stepbrother drops by for an evening, changing their lives forever.”

Thomas J. Churchill directed the film with Frederick Keeve producing. Timothy L. Osborne provided the original music score. Keeve also stars in a lead role as Dan Madden with the other members of the Madden family including Kyle Lowder as Steven, Inda Smith as Andrew, and Julie Eagleton as Sarah.


“What an amazing experience to have produced and directed my first drama, The Godfather Buck, “Churchill said of the film after wrapping production in a Facebook post.” Thank you Frederick Keeve for believing in me with your story. Thank you to an amazing cast and crew for giving me 100%. – Reflecting back on this journey. Staying focused. “

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The Godfather Buck is Thomas J. Churchill’s First Drama Film

The Godfather Buck
Gravitas Ventures

Thomas J. Churchill can be recognized by many for appearing in the SyFy Network’s Monster Mana reality show showcasing FX that featured the filmmaker in the episode “The Forbidden Werewolf.” Though The Godfather Buck is his first drama as a director, he has also helmed horror films like The Day of the Living Dead, The Amityville Harvest, Big Freaking Rat, The Amityville Moon, Amityville Uprising. He also directed episodes of the series A Mouthful of Sin.

“At the time, we were gonna make a film called Hollow Point, and I was working with another effects house, SOTA, “Churchill said of his time on SyFy, per Splash Magazines. “They were doing a reality show about their special effects house, and I ended up pitching a concept I wanted them to work on for a werewolf movie. The SyFy Network was there shooting, and I did not know what they were doing — they asked me if I wanted to come on camera and do the same thing, pitch my concept. So I was supposed to do it for one day, and it ended up being four or five days. Out of the six episodes, that one, episode two, was the most watched. “

He added, “Unfortunately, the series did not get enough attention for it to come back, and I think the team did not wanna do another season. So, that was my first experience as a reality TV star! Did not think I would ever do that, but it was fun; it was different. It was a fun experience, I had a good time doing it. “

Of course, Churchill has been even more busy behind the camera with his horror flicks and thillers. The Godfather Buck will allow him to venture into something new by taking a stab at drama. You can see the film when The Godfather Buck was released on April 19, 2022.

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