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Disney + Edits Stan Lee Tribute Out of The Punisher Finale

In the second bizarre Marvel edit of the week, Disney + has removed a Stan Lee tribute from The Punisher, while leaving Jessica Jones’ intact.


Edits made to content on Disney + has been the subject of constant discussion since the launch of the platform. Recent alterations allegedly made by mistake to The Falcon and the Winter Solider brought attention to the other Marvel shows on the channel, in particular those that have just joined the platform from Netflix. While the content of the former Marvel Television shows seems to be unchanged, one strange edit has been made to the finale of The Punisher‘s second season to remove a dedication to the late Stan Lee.

Like many Marvel projects released around the time of the iconic creator’s death, The Punisher felt it appropriate to commemorate his passing by including a slide in its final episode just before the credits rolled. The slide simply read, “In Loving Memory of Stan Lee.” In the version now on Disney +, following the last moment of the series when Frank Castle opens fire on two criminal groups who have met inside a warehouse, the screen goes black and after a few moments that credits play. In all it seems a pretty strange change to have been made consciously, unless this turns out to be another technical glitch linked to the version of the episode that has been uploaded to the platform.


What makes the omission stranger is that a similar tribute that appears in the final season of Jessica Jones is still there, but another that was included in Luke Cage to pay tribute to actor Reg E. Cathey is also now absent. Whether the Jessica Jones tribute will also soon vanish is anyone’s guess, but of all the changes that have been made to content on the Disney + platform, this one is by far the most bizarre and questionable.

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Adding Marvel’s More Violent Shows Brought Criticism Against Disney

The defenders
Netflix / Marvel

When the Disney merger with Fox completed, it was obvious that they would be looking to bring a number of Fox-owned characters such as the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four back under Marvel Studios’ wing. However, the cancellation of shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones at Netflix came as a surprise to many and was not initially expected to lead to those characters starting to appear in the MCU and the existing shows to move to the Disney + platform as The Defenders Saga.

Of course, the Marvel Television shows were not the same as the family-friendly fare the MCU has stuck to so far, with TV-MA ratings for sex, violence, and drug references. This meant that Disney + had to start introducing parental controls in countries such as the US who previously did not have them. While Marvel fans were happy to see the wayward sons, and daughter, returning to the fold, there were some who were not happy that the Disney + platform was no longer only carrying family-oriented content.

However, as many international locations already have Disney’s Hulu content as part of the Disney + app, it was really only a matter of time before the US version followed, as while Disney has a number of separate channels at the moment, as more streamers bolster their content it would make much more sense to have everything accessible under the one banner. So while it may not have gone down well with some, Disney will be hoping that the changes will simply broaden the scope of their audience just a little more.

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