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Teenage Euthanasia Renewed for Season 2 at Adult Swim

Not dead yet! The residents of Tender Endings are making a comeback. Collider reports that Adult Swim has renewed the series Teenage Euthanasia for a second season. The mother-daughter-focused series was a success among viewers and earned the show a continuation.

Teenage Euthanasia takes place in the near future, where mirrors sell you ads and teachers are holograms. In Florida, there is a funeral parlor called Tender Endings, owned by the Fantasy family. The family consists of the tough-as-nails Baba, Uncle Pete, and “Euthanasia” Annie. When Annie’s mother, Trophy, dies of an overdose, her body is shipped back to Tender Endings. With the combination of Baba’s embalming fluid, her daughter’s tears, and a freak lightning strike, Trophy is brought back to life as a superpowered zombie. Trophy isn’t going to take this second chance lightly and is determined to use it to the fullest and that means rekindling the relationship with the teenage daughter she abandoned.


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Teenage Euthanasia by Adult Swim
Teenage Euthanasia by Adult Swim

Teenage Euthanasia has a strong cast and crew behind it from all angles. The show is written and created by Alissa Nutting (Made for Love) and produced by co-creator Alyson Levy (The Shivering Truth). Nutting has a long history of writing, she is best known for her controversial novel Tampa, which follows a middle school teacher and the inappropriate relationship she has with an underage student. Levy also has worked in such projects as the sketch comedy series At Home with Amy Sedariswhich she was a crew member of.

Voicing the nutty cast of characters are Maria Bamford (Big mouth) as the zombie mom Trophy, Jo Firestone (Joe Pera Talks with You) as Annie, Tim Robinson (The Detroiters) as Uncle Pete, and Bebe Neuwirth (Jumanji) as Baba. The first season also brought on several well know guest actors such as H. Jon Benjamin (Bob’s Burgers), Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report), Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille), Harvey Guillén (What We Do In the Shadows), and Natasia Demetriou (Stath Lets Flats).

Teenage Euthanasia premiered on September 2021 and ran for a total of seven episodes for its first season. The show was produced by the Brooklyn-based studio PFFR, who will be returning for season 2. The studio has contributed to such shows as South park, Xavier: Renegade Angeland At Home with Amy Sedaris. Canadian-based Atomic Cartoons will be doing the animation, their past works include the Netflix original HildaNickelodeon’s Max & Rubyand Disney’s 101 Dalmatian Street.

Joining Nutting and Levy will be Lisa M. Thomas, Vernon Chatman, Scott Adsit, and John Lee, who will all be executive producers of the series. There is currently no premier date for season 2. But Season 1 of Teenage Euthanasia is currently streaming on HBO Max. Compared to the other more well-known titles in the Adult Swim lineup, Teenage Euthanasia offers a breath of fresh air in terms of content and direction for the animation block. The more feminine directed series fits in with another original that Adult Swim picked up and, ironically, also saved from the dead, Tuca & Bertie. If you found yourself enjoying that particular show, Teenage Euthanasia could be up your alley as well!

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