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Spoiler Warning: Power Book IV: ForceThe sequel and third spin-off of the Starz hit original series Power, created by Courtney A. Kemp, follows Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) as he sets out on a mission to leave his complex yet extensive ties to New York City behind him. Soon after arriving in Chicago, Tommy benefits from his label as an outsider to make a massive power play, on a mission to become the largest drug dealer in the city, as he successfully held the title back in New York with his now-deceased partner and childhood best friend.

The American drama television series revolves around the unpredictable and sometimes chaotic character of Tommy Egan. As Tommy leaves New York for good and arrives in Chicago, he sets out to take control of the state’s drug trade by dismantling the presence of existing crime families in an attempt to put them out of business for good and replace them. As Tommy’s bold and sometimes volatile personality gets him into trouble, he manages to somehow come out of each situation more emboldened than he entered.


With solid ratings since its initial February 6th series debut, the Starz network has ordered a second season of Power Book IV: Force, making the show the largest program to draw in an influx of viewers to date. Accumulating a total of 3.3 million viewers across the Starz platform, the viewership for Force has outnumbered recently commended, cross-platform shows, consisting of the Dexter: New Blood finale (drawing in 3 million viewers) and Yellowjackets (1.3 million viewers), with both series being housed on Showtime. Here’s everything we’ve learned from season one of Power Book IV: Force.

Tommy’s Family Ties Keep Him In Chicago

Joseph Sikora & Audrey Esparza

In transit to his initial road trip to LA, he unexpectedly re-routes (in true Tommy Egan fashion) and decides at the last minute to settle in Chicago. In an early episode, Egan learns that he has an older half-brother JP (Anthony Fleming), a child that his mother, Kate Egan, had with another man, but then abandoned them to return to New York, where she later met Tommy’s father. As many die-hard Power fans already know, Kate Egan is quite the character with a complex backstory. She has a ton of secrets that we have already learned, in addition to things that are probably still kept from viewers.

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In this new phase of Tommy’s life, it’s obvious that he sincerely wants to reconnect with this brother and makes it apparent to him. With all the people he has ever carried about being estranged or deceased, Tommy looks for comfort in getting to know JP while understanding his life before meeting him.

The Unfamiliarity in Chicago Reels Tommy In

Tommy Egan

At certain moments of the new series, viewers see Tommy slightly reverting to his impulsive and unpredictable ways. What brings him back to this state of semi neutrality is his understanding of how he has immersed himself into a completely new element. He must also temporarily abide by its rules. Back in New York, Tommy was one of the largest drug dealers in the district, in that he was also able to establish his own rules. Now that he must start over in a new state, he can not go around making reckless moves (even though he still does this early on in the series, and it lands him in hot water with the Flynn family).

The old Tommy that viewers have known since the early days of Power will no longer work for him, especially if he wants to successfully move forward in Chicago. Flying under the radar (for the moment) is his only option if he sees himself in the Chicago scene long-term. Also, the fact that he has to start over with new allies is possibly another factor in his mind. Although trusting new people is difficult for him, the reality is that he must build a new team, which means letting new people into his circle.

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With everything that existing Power fans have learned throughout season one of Force, it would be an understatement to mention just how effective the presence of Tommy’s ties to his early childhood has been. In fact, the character of Tommy has always been an intriguing element throughout the Power franchise. As we are able to hear discussions of his early life, we are also able to learn a great deal about his background.

Yes, he’s historically been a character that drives off mayhem and disorder. But in Chicago, we are introduced to an unrecognizable version of Tommy, who appears to think things out before making any sudden movements. While it seems that through experiencing the loss of his longtime best friend James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), Tommy is more conscious in the way he approaches pivotal situations (as the two would routinely get into arguments because of Tommy’s inability to think more rationally). While theirs still that element of Tommy that brings others into his many messes in order to aid him in cleaning things up, it’s evident that he has taken in the knowledge Ghost has taught him.

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